World’s largest augmented reality mural on view at Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas

We All Scream, a Las Vegas-based art curation company, has partnered with the Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino and Building 180 to showcase the city’s vibrant culture through large-scale art. 

The first two pieces include “Transmigrations,” the world’s largest augmented reality mural, created by Camila Magrane, and “Slat City” by Josef Kristofoletti.  

“We want to illuminate Downtown Las Vegas as a public art destination,” said Ryan Doherty, founder of We All Scream. “Art is a tremendous part of the downtown community, and we are thrilled to work with a collection of talented artists to bring two pieces to the Downtown Grand.” 

Magrane, a San Francisco-based multimedia artist, brings art to life with interactive murals that are titled, “Transmigrations.” The two 70’ x 100’ pieces are the world’s largest augmented reality murals, now the centerpieces of the Gallery Tower’s art program and an extension of her “Virtual Mutations” series. “Transmigrations” utilizes augmented reality to create interactive experiences from the hotel room windows where the pieces are visible at Downtown Grand.

“Transmigrations” examines the possibility that multidimensional realms coexist simultaneously in a shared space. The two murals demonstrate how though unaware of each other, different species and communities subsist in the same territory and time, tuned in only to their individual frequencies, shaped and limited by their own perceptions. 

Magrane has created a custom app, available exclusively to Downtown Grand guests, to view and interact with these murals from their hotel room windows. The murals are visible from 112 rooms in the new Gallery Tower, which have internal windows facing the murals, each with a unique vantage point and the ability to view virtual content on the walls through iPads placed in each room.  

Kristofoletti, a muralist from Austin, Texas, lent his talents to the initiative with the 5,600-square-foot, colorful and abstract mural, “Slat City,” covering the exterior of the Downtown Grand on Stewart Ave. and 3rd St. Curated and produced by Doherty, Kristofoletti’s mural uses vibrant hues and eye-catching visual effects to inspire hotel guests and passersby in the downtown area.  

A recent artist-in-residence at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), Kristofoletti’s murals are often inspired by and meant to address ideas about nature, technology, space and architecture. In 2018, Kristofoletti debuted a commissioned mural, “Tau Ceti,” which proudly looms as Austin’s tallest public artwork.  

Defined by its industrial chic aura and highlighted by open ceilings, ornate fixtures and heavy structural elements, Downtown Grand was at the forefront of Downtown Las Vegas’ revival when it opened in 2013. This renovation aligned with the relocation of Zappos headquarters, the development of the Fremont East District, and Life is Beautiful music festival. Seven years later, the property continues to serve as a central hub to both tourists and locals alike for all of Downtown Las Vegas’ events and happenings. 

Spearheading the Life is Beautiful mural program, Doherty coordinated public works of art throughout Downtown Las Vegas with over 50 artists from around the world. Doherty has multiple restaurants, bars and nightclubs downtown, bringing compelling art, eye-catching design, edgy entertainment, progressive cocktails and innovative cuisine together. 

About We All Scream: 

When We All Scream opens in 2021, it will bring to life a nightlife and ice cream experience that enriches Downtown Las Vegas’ emerging art scene through arresting works curated in collaboration with Zappos. This imaginative undertaking has already cultivated pieces by a collection of accomplished artists, including Okuda, Shepard Fairey, D*Face and Camila Magrane, whose oversized, abstract works enhance the grit and unconventional glamour of Downtown Las Vegas.

We All Scream will give patrons the power to add to this collection through every purchase of ice cream or merchandise, which will present choices that give people the opportunity to help shape downtown’s art scene. We All Scream will canvas 10,000 square feet with a 1950s-style ice cream parlor that serves fantastical ice cream flavors on the street level; a back-alley patio for dancing and a rooftop dance club. A veritable warren of wonderment, the interior will be filled with rich, dark woods, brass fittings, and drugstore ephemera. A stairway to the rooftop will reveal a pulsing dance floor, with music set to dynamic lighting and presented through a Void Acoustics sound system.

Wrapped by breathtaking, 360-degree views of iconic Downtown Las Vegas, We All Scream’s rooftop will deliver a voyeuristic peek into the alleys, buildings, nooks and sinister passageways below. 

About Building 180: 

Building 180 is a full-service art production and consulting agency. They facilitate art installations in public and private spaces across the globe. Their design, curatorial and production services are tailored to fit a diverse set of clients needs from temporary exhibitions and permanent site-specific works to community initiatives and restaurant design.

They bridge the gap between clients and artists, streamlining the construction, production and installation of complex projects. Their process supports both artists and designers to bring projects to life through thoughtful and transparent management. Their network of artists is unmatched and their expertise serves to meet the demands of a constantly evolving audience. 

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