Thomas Dambo giant trolls at Coastal Main Botanical Gardens

Giant Trolls have made their to MidCoast Maine and a home at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. Visitors to the Gardens will experience the magic of Giant Trolls constructed by internationally known recycled arts activist and artist, Thomas Dambo, The artist uses upcycled materials sourced from around the state–and they come with a gentle reminder: let’s protect the earth so future generations can enjoy it too.

“We’re thrilled to offer this incredible experience on our grounds to people who come and visit the Gardens. Dambo’s vision, coupled with our beautiful and unique property, are a match made in heaven,” Gretchen Ostherr, President & CEO of Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, said. “The trolls, affectionately called ‘Guardians of the Seeds’, tell a unique story of sustainability that is echoed in everything our organization stands for. Each troll lives in different places across our 300-acre property and visitors could spend the whole day searching for each one. That said, any visit will be a complete one–whether that’s a day’s hike to see them all, or a visit with one or two, the magic is the same. We encourage everyone to come see us, enjoy a self-guided tour of our grounds, and visit with our new friends.”

Thomas Dambo x Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

Dambo’s installation will be the first of this size in the United States and feature five trolls throughout Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens’ property. Dambo chose to work with Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens specifically for its unique and beautiful Maine landscape, sustainably minded programming, and overall connection to his mission of using recycled materials to create something new that tells a beautiful story of what’s possible if we work together toward a common goal.

“While being caught back home in Copenhagen during COVID, I’ve really been looking forward to this project in Maine to finally get to go outside, travel, and build my art in such a beautiful forest,” Thomas Dambo said of the installation. “The weeks (leading up to the installation) have been awesome working in the gardens, and watching the trees and flowers bloom while building my sculptures.”

Meet the Guardians of the Seeds

“The trolls are here to stay, and we hope that Mainers–and those visiting Maine–will come visit the Gardens to meet the Guardians of the Seeds this Summer. Thank you to Thomas Dambo’s team for choosing us and bringing this unique, amazing experience to Maine,” Ostherr said.

L.L.Bean’s founder, Leon Leonwood Bean, famously said that being outside brings out the best in us. Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens thoroughly agrees, and these two Maine-grown institutions have come together to offer L.L.Bean Days, Wednesdays in July and August. With free admission for children under the age of 18, families will find new ways to connect in nature.

About Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

At nearly 325 acres, Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens is the largest public Garden in New England. Voted #1 on TripAdvisor, the nationally recognized public garden is located in Boothbay, Maine. The mission of the Gardens is to inspire meaningful connections among people, plants, and nature through horticulture, education, and research. Visit or call (207) 633-8000.

About Thomas Dambo

Thomas Dambo is the world’s most prominent “recycle artist” best known for giant troll sculptures (5-15 meters) all made out of reclaimed materials. Dambo uses his art as a storytelling platform, to make us aware of our relationship with the planet. He uses trash and turns it into something that will open people’s minds. He uses all recycled materials, mostly wood, to teach us to not through the world away. His intention is to take the trash and turn it into something that will open people’s eyes and minds. According to Damno “….we shouldn’t throw the world out—then we’ll have a world with no mountains, no woods.”

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