The World’s Most Beautiful Casinos

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder; however, when it comes to buildings, there are some aesthetic values that most people can agree on as being more than worthy of note. Casino beauty is never understated. The buildings are opulent, over the top, and ooze glamour, wealth, and promises of untold riches. The casino owners knew what they were doing; they wanted to attract those with the most money and get them to part with it at their tables. Some of the architecture and styling is more akin to a palace than a mere gaming emporium. Many of these pleasure palaces have been created to overwhelm our senses and surround us with opulence – it is a very glamorous type of beauty.

Glamour and prestige

Casinos exude caché and are often the epitome of glamour and glitz to ensure that only the very best-dressed people can enter the gaming halls. The most famous ones are adorned with stucco frontage, opulent domed rooves, and arched windows.  Their interiors are full of mirrors, ornate chandeliers, and works of art. Venice was the home of the earliest casino, the Ridotto. Pietro Longhi’s 18th-century masterpiece “The Ridotto in Venice” suggests the earliest casinos were not as over the top as those that followed. The painting is vibrant and cheerful, painted with warm tones that give it a real sense of life. 

Beautiful people, beautiful clothes

What stands out in the painting is the people dressed in elegant period costumes, having fun dancing, playing dice, and chatting. Everyone is masked to ensure anonymity, and it is suggested that Longhi’s painting depicts nobles, commoners, and the bourgeois having fun together. However, other sources for the period have said that although the casino was officially open to anyone, the strict dress code ensured it was only accessible to the wealthiest Venetians. 

Many of the world’s most beautiful and prestigious casinos still maintain strict dress codes. However, it has been relaxed in many venues, and some Australian casinos are happy for people to turn up however they are dressed. More formal ones in Las Vegas and Europe might no longer insist on black-tie for gentlemen and cocktail dresses for ladies but draw the line at flip-flops. 

Wear your designer gear or your joggers – you decide

One thing is guaranteed, however: online casinos have made gaming much more accessible to everyone, no matter what you choose to wear. The internet sites might not be as beautiful as their brick-and-mortar counterparts, but some have some elegant apps and clever designs to make the online experience as immersive as possible. looks at online casino apps to compare which ones are the slickest and offer the best gaming experience. You will not find any classical architecture or masterpieces, but you could find yourself in a virtual live dealer game that will give you an all-around casino experience.

Las Vegas brings the world to your door

Aria Casino Floor, 'Oracle,' Sanford Biggers.
Aria Casino Floor, ‘Oracle,’ Sanford Biggers.

Many of the world’s most beautiful casinos can compete with famous landmarks in terms of luxury and style. While Las Vegas’s strip might not be home to the most beautiful casino buildings, it has cleverly borrowed iconic architecture from around the world and made it its own. Las Vegas’s Eiffel Tower is a half-scale replica of Paris’s famous landmark and has become one of the strip’s most visited attractions. The tower rises to 45 stories above the Paris Las Vegas Casino floor. Meanwhile, the Venetian has a network of stunning canals between its elegant buildings, and visitors can ride in an authentic gondola under Las Vegas’s Rialto Bridge. Ok, it is not the real one, but it is still beautiful.

With its curved façade and exquisite fountains, the Bellagio Casino Las Vegas is one of the world’s most stunning hotels and casinos. There is an 8-acre lake separating it from The Strip, and inside, it is all elegance and beauty. The casino was the setting for the blockbuster movie “Ocean’s Eleven” starring George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, and Brad Pitt—a beautiful cast at a beautiful location.  The Bellagio made the perfect backdrop for the heist of the century. It is a must-see eyecatcher for anyone in town, even if you only manage to catch a glimpse of its lit-up fountains from across the other side of the lake.

Further afield

While Vegas has some beauties, there are stunning casinos to be found right across the world.

  • The Monte Carlo Casino, Monaco

Arguably, the most beautiful of the bunch is The Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco. The Principality’s residents are notoriously wealthy and no expense was spared in beautifying its classic landmark. Built in the Belle Epoque style, echoing the Parisian building boom of the time, its neo-baroque features lend it a lavish appearance. There are marble floors and pillars. Its arched windows are a prominent feature. There is a stunning golden opera house called the Salle Garnier to dazzle visitors to the resort.  As if that was not enough, it is adorned with sculptures and paintings by renowned artists. 

  • Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

The Marina Bay Sands’ beauty is younger and more forward-looking than 

Monte Carlo’s Casino, which takes visitors back to the 1860s. Designed by Moshe Safdie, the building’s inspiration came from a pack of cards. It is a strong contender for the most beautiful casino in the world. Costing $8 billion to build, its three-towered structure is a landmark of Singapore’s skyline. Stunning on the outside, it is equally opulent on the inside and has 500 gaming tables. There are 500 luxury suites and rooms with beautiful views over the waterfront. This one is a beauty both within and without.

  • The Venetian, Macau

We often say that small is beautiful, but the Venetian in Macau demonstrates that the opposite can be true – it is Asia’s largest casino and most extensive single structure.  It covers a total area of 980,000 square meters. The land it was built on was originally a wetland, and the casino bloomed like a lotus flower from that muddy swamp — a real beauty with 3,000 suites and rooms.

When it comes to casinos, there are some spectacular examples of stunning artworks and architectural structures.

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