‘Survival Architecture’ coming to Museum of Design Atlanta

Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA) – the only museum in the Southeast devoted exclusively to the study and celebration of all things design – announces the upcoming openings of two exhibitions addressing the intersection of design and climate change. Survival Architecture & The Art of Resilience will open August 26, 2021 and be followed by Full Circle: Design Without End, debuting November 10, 2021.

Curated by Randy Jayne Rosenberg of Art Works for Change (AWFC), Survival Architecture & The Art of Resilience is a traveling exhibition spotlighting the works of visionary architects and artists who have created artistically interpretive solutions and prototypes that employ design, science, technology, architecture and art in the quest for resilience. It covers questions like “What does it take to survive and thrive amid a changing climate?” and “How might we navigate the needs of the world’s most vulnerable citizens?”

Through a variety of innovative ideas — high-tech and low-tech, extravagant and affordable — the exhibition begins to address the challenges of excess heat, droughts, flooding, food insecurity, homelessness, biological disaster and earthquakes. The exhibition will focus on four central themes: 

  • Circular – the importance of creating structures made of materials that can be used and reused indefinitely
  • Portable – the ability to create easily moveable and nomadic dwellings
  • Visionary – forward-thinking ideas that can radically change the way we think about shelter
  • Resilient – structures that can adapt to adverse and dynamic circumstances.

Visitors will be invited to participate in the creation of an aerosolar sculpture that helps us imagine how we can take to the air without using fossil fuels, to explore a cricket shelter meant to provide alternative food sources, and to imagine and share their own kit for navigating all the future will bring.   

Survival Architecture and The Art of Resilience reminds us that we can only overcome the 21st century’s biggest challenges if we let our imaginations soar,” MODA’s Executive Director Laura Flusche said. “The exhibition presents radically innovative ideas meant to help us navigate climate change and natural disasters. While not all of these ideas can or will be brought into being, they remind us that we must break rules, work across disciplines and be brave in our quest to solve the very biggest problems.”

Opening in November 2021, Full Circle: Design Without End will introduce visitors to regenerative design and design approaches that inform it. MODA believes that one way to solve environmental degradation and climate change is to redesign our approach to making things. At present, most designers use human-centered design practices, which leads them to focus on a single problem and find solutions for it. Regenerative design asks designers to see people and their actions as small parts of much larger systems and to ask how they can design in ways that strengthen and replenish natural systems instead of depleting them.

The exhibition at MODA will showcase the work of designers who are using and experimenting with regenerative approaches to create and prototype works ranging from large-scale architectural projects to everyday products. Plus, visitors will be able to learn about real-world actions that everyone can take to address the climate change challenge the world is facing.

About Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA)

Located within the Midtown Arts Corridor since 2011, MODA is the only museum in the Southeast devoted exclusively to the study and celebration of all things design. The museum defines design as a creative process that inspires change, transforms lives and makes the world a better place, an idea that informs all of its exhibitions and programs. MODA offers an extensive range of celebrated workshops, meet-ups, activities and camps for adults and children, and works to build a community that believes in the power of design to change the world. For more information, please visit www.museumofdesign.org or call 404.979.6455.

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