Small Dusti Bongé artwork full of interest and energy

I’m loving the sequence of small, abstract, vivid Dusti Bongé joss paper watercolors we’ve been exposed to in recent weeks through See Great Art’s partnership with the Dusti Bongé Art Foundation. She packed a great deal of interest and energy into these little pictures.

Dusti Bongé Art Foundation Executive Director Ligia M. Römer with the artwork analysis as always.

Dusti Bongé, Untitled (Black, Green and Orange Circle & Triangle Abstract), 1987, watercolor on joss paper, 5” x 5 ½”

This week a bright fiery joss paper; you can almost feel the heat radiating.

In this work, Dusti Bongé has surrounded the silver foil center with an active whirl of warm toned colors. A circular motion from the top left of green and black turning into blue and then dissolving into golden yellow, creates a vortex out of which the silver square emerges.

Again, although the square is obviously centered on the sheet, Dusti nonetheless creates dynamic composition that balances light and dark.

The small dab of white paint in the top right shines like a bright light juxtaposed against the darker shadows that seem to be creeping up from below. The orange glow in the background on the left warms the green segment.

Then there are the interesting interruptions of the vortex by the blueish diagonals at the bottom and short vertical lines centered at the top. The diagonals below appear to brace and support the silver square and set up a triangulation within the circular motion of the dominant whirl. Alternatively, the diagonals could be seen as perspectival lines leading one’s eye into the vortex and toward the square only to then continue to a vanishing point beyond.

The six short vertical lines above the silver similarly interrupt the circular swirl and provide a cool contrast to the glowing orange background behind them. They are also a little reminiscent of blue gas flames.

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