Skate on a Christopher Myers commissioned ice rink in Brooklyn

Scott Avenue Associates (SAA) will host the second edition of its annual Studio Skate, a pop-up holiday community retreat at 99 Scott Avenue in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Open to the public from December 1 through January 15, 2023, the centerpiece of this destination for celebration will be a 2,500-sq-ft open-air ice rink featuring a site-specific commission by contemporary artist Christopher Myers, the full scale and vision of which dynamically unfolds for skaters as they glide across it.

Curated by Zoe Lukov, the commission, titled Feathers on the Waves, aims to capture the inherent grace of the Black figure, suspended in space, radiating a sense of weightlessness and winged freedom. Situated beneath the ice and emanating color reminiscent of the artist’s work in stain glass, the functional medium skillfully contrasts fluid figures and shapes against a linear quilt-like pattern. The symmetrical forms intersect and mirror one another, creating a cyclical movement for skaters to follow on the ice. 

The work transforms the ice rink into a gathering spot for the New York City public to be in community, offering a surface for movement, a site for leisure, play, and celebration.

The Studio Skate art ice rink is the centerpiece of the ‘town square’ located within the private courtyard of 99 Scott, and will be activated by a robust schedule of programming, a highlight of which will be a public performance by award-winning multidimensional conceptual vocal artist Alicia Hall Moran – outfitted in a costume designed by Myers. The space will be framed by pop-ups offering opportunities to eat, shop, and gather, including the Studio Skate Market designed by multidisciplinary agency (ab)Normal, featuring wares from Dolores, Luar, Andrew and other brands, as well as treats and healthy options from Happier Grocery.

Onsite dining and entertainment include Chalet; an Alpine themed restaurant featuring such alpine classics as fondue and charbonnade; and Under’s, an underground speakeasy and smoking lounge where visitors can warm up after a skate session.

Visitor Information

Studio Skate is free and open to the public from December 1 through January 15. All spaces will be closed from December 25 through January 7.

Access to the ice rink is free, and skates will be available to rent onsite.

Opening hours for the rink and market are:

  • Wed – Fri, 6pm – midnight 
  • Sat – Sun, noon – midnight 

Chalet is open for dinner Wednesday through Sundays, and for lunch Saturday and Sunday. Reservations can be booked via Resy.

Patrons looking to host their own events have the option to rent out Daylight, a sundrenched private dining lounge suitable for private dinners, intimate gatherings, and more.

About ‘Feathers on the Waves’

In creating Feathers on the Waves, Myers drew inspiration from trailblazers, such as figure skater Surya Bonaly, whose daring backflip on one blade during the 1998 Olympics defied conventions and inspired generations, and whose artistry – reminiscent of a fragile feather dancing upon the waves of the ocean – lends the work its title. Myers’ works spans mediums, including tapestries, sculptures, and stained-glass, which each delve into diverse worlds rooted in the art of storytelling, depicting narratives that bridge the realms of history and mythology, while bringing the forgotten to the forefront.

In a time where narratives concerning the Black community often revolve around traumaFeathers on the Waves challenges the normative and envisions a state of lightness and play. As the public glides over these luminous images, all people have the opportunity to see themselves within the artwork. Visitors can feel the stories of their ancestors reflected in the patterns they traverse, creating a profound connection between their own experiences and the art before them.

“The history of Black bodies, artists, and athletes, on ice is long and complicated,” Christopher Myers said. “It stretches from Colored Hockey Leagues Nova Scotia to the aspirational, inspirational, and sometimes tragic stories of Black figure skaters from Mabel Fairbanks to Tai Babilonia. Feathers on the Waves is an installation on ice, a spectacle that functions as a communal space for play, leisure, and exploration. It consists of a series of images of bodies suspended between here and there, the myth of Icarus underpins the images, similarly caught between here and there, filled with aspiration, freedom, and sometimes failure.”

“Chris is an artist who is constantly questioning the narratives and mythologies that guide our present and in excavating and reimagining the stories that we tell ourselves about ourselves, he helps us to make sense of our present time,” Zoe Lukov said. “Feathers on the Waves is an extension of his recent work exploring the idea of the ‘heroes journey’ through the lens of contemporary migrant and refugee stories. The work is a call to remember the bodies that have traversed the seas to create the communities we now inhabit, a sacred space to honor our ancestors and those no longer with us, but ultimately a site for joy and celebration, to move towards the liberation and freedom of ourselves and our communities.”

About Scott Avenue Associates (SAA)

SAA (Scott Avenue Associates) is a constellation of spaces in Bushwick, Brooklyn promoting community, culture, and the arts. In addition, SAA offers production studios for artists, musicians, and designers; a spa and gym; a rooftop bar, lounges, outdoor swimming pool and 60-seat restaurant; and over 30,000 sq ft of event space.

SAA host events for its community and creatives, and is also currently home to Habibi the Restaurant, recently listed #1 on Eater’s list of the “Most Funnest, Most Wildest, Most Unbelievably Extra Restaurants in America.”

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