See MOCA Jacksonville’s newest Project Atrium being installed

MOCA Jacksonville’s newest Project Atrium installation will be Milagros: Flutter Zone. This site-specific interactive art installation from Florida art collective Milagros will be an interactive, multi-media, immersive experience for the senses. Visitors to MOCA Jacksonville can view the artists at work in the lobby during regular business hours, from November 29-December 8, 2022, as they install the exhibition, providing a unique opportunity to view the artistic process in action!

Flutter Zone will be on view from December 9,2022 through April 9, 2023 and as part of MOCA Jacksonville’s Atrium and first floor lobby space which the public is able to view free daily. An Opening Celebration & Preview event will take place on Friday, December 9 from 7 to 8:30 p.m.


Florida artists, Felici Asteinza (b. San Pedro Sula, Honduras) and Joey Fillastre (b. Lakeland, Florida) founded the MILAGROS Collective in 2008, and are currently based in New Orleans, La. Along with an ever-changing cast of collaborators and partners, they continue to create site-specific works nationwide, and have becoming known for their exuberant, style of mark-making, repetition and color that champions the hand-made and invites interactivity from the public. 

As they describe it, “joy is a political act that connects people and is necessary for the sustainability of our movements.” With this spirit of playful spontaneity injected into their artwork, MILAGROS energizes public spaces with effervescent patterns, colors, music and light, resulting in community-based projects that aspire to create spaces for positive, communal connections.


MILAGROS create site-specific works that explore the history of place through striking arrangements of color and mark. Working to reinforce individual strength through collaboration, MILAGROS operates according to the belief that mutual respect and trust allow for a free environment of evolving creation. The spirit of playful spontaneity MILAGROS brings to their work results in community-based projects that create spaces for positive connections.

Corrugating River, a mural by MILAGROS, is currently on view in Jacksonville as part of the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville’s Art in Public Places program. You can view the piece on the Yates Parking Garage at the corner of Adams and Newnan in downtown Jacksonville.


Project Atrium, MOCA Jacksonville’s bold installation series, features site-specific and site-sensitive installations by emerging and mid-career artists. The unique placement, dimensions, and scale of the Atrium Gallery provide a compelling challenge to artists—a call to reinvention and active collaboration with the architecture of the Museum on a monumental scale.

One of the most commanding spaces in MOCA Jacksonville’s historic 1931 Western Union Telegraph building is its dramatic Atrium Gallery. The space is forty feet high, thirty feet wide, and located on the ground floor, three steps up from the Museum’s lobby. Its impressive scale is further heightened by the visibility of this space. At ground level, it can be seen from the Museum’s lobby, as well as the street and the adjacent James Weldon Johnson

Park. Moreover, the open stairwells and the two floors of galleries above the ground floor all look over the Atrium, providing multiple vantage points to this space and ensuring visitors’ sustained engagement with it as they move through the Museum. In short, the Atrium Gallery serves as a physical and visual anchor for the entire building.

Imagination Squared, a community-based project that presented close to a thousand 5” canvas squares created by local residents – from professional artists to young children – in the Atrium space, opened the way and in July of 2011, MOCA Jacksonville launched the Project Atrium Series. Each Project Atrium allows for free public engagement for all visitors to the Museum, as well as serving as an inspiring jumping off point for educators as they lead school tours and private tours.

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