Rockaway Hotel on Rockaway Beach, Queens Opens with Noteworthy Art Collection Including Derrick Adams

Hotels around America have been stepping up their art game in a big way throughout the last several years and the latest to open with an A-list collection is Rockaway Hotel on Rockaway Beach in Queens, New York.

The property, which begins welcoming guests later in August, bills itself as an, “urban beach getaway with a new view of New York City. Our unparalleled focus on boutique-style service and recreational activities creates a laid back respite whether you are a lifelong New Yorker looking to escape the city or just in Rockaway Beach for a visit. Relaxed luxury and resort amenities like a heated, outdoor pool and rooftop bar come together to create an inviting and accessible neighborhood hub just one block from the beach.”

Rockaway Hotel model room

The newly constructed 84,000-square-foot project connects art, social impact and community building thanks to Michi Jigjarjian. Aside from her role as President of Baxter St (the oldest lens-based (photography) non-profit in NYC), Jigjarjian has been hard at work bringing The Rockaway Hotel, a project ten years-in-the-making, to fruition. As the hotel’s partner, Social Impact Officer, and curator, Jigarjian dedicated time listening to Rockaway’s artists, activists, and residents to gain a better understanding of the needs of the community to make choices that honor them.

She hopes that the inclusivity of the hotel’s year-round programming, diverse art collection that includes works by Derrick Adams, Kennedy Yanko and Tom Sachs, workforce initiatives, and environmental projects can be a welcomed start to bridging a community still reeling from Hurricane Sandy and, most recently, COVID 19. 

Rockaway Hotel model bathroom

Each room, suite and long-stay bungalow is designed to be a chic, coastal retreat infused with urban style and relaxed luxury. Accommodations offer views of the Atlantic Ocean or Jamaica Bay and the Manhattan skyline. Select rooms have walk-out terraces, and ADA-compliant options are available. 

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