Rock poster artist Carolyn Ferris receiving solo show

Storied rock poster artist Carolyn Ferris will be the focus of a solo exhibition at the Museum of Northern Californian Art in Chico. The opening reception is July 14, 6-8pm. Tom Daly and Maryann O’Kelley will entertain with live music during the opening. The Museum is located at 900 Esplanade, Chico.

Her series and posters will continue on to Haight Street Art Center September 14-23. Opening Reception will be held on Thursday, September 14 from 5:30-8:30pm. 

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The exhibit highlights the artists Fantastic Scenes in the Galaxy series. Nine of the images are 5’x3.5′, offering easier access to join the characters she’s drawn within their worlds. All others images are 18×24 inches.  

Many of her rock posters and original inks are included.

Also, on display will be her works created with art partner, Wes Wilson, (1937-2020) known as the “Father of Psychedelic Posters” and the First Fillmore Artist. 

“My ‘Fantastic Scenes in the Galaxy Series’ began with shelter in place,” Carolyn Ferris said. “For refuge, I wanted to explore alternate universes, no masks required. With space travel in the news, these worlds offer a ticket into fresh locations without stepping onto a space shuttle. Many works have a wine theme, adding plenty of company for sharing a glass.”

This series encourages a psyched energy and invites inspiration to keep on rolling with a sense of connection, purpose, and camaraderie. It’s a rare series, and it’s the artists hope that it lifts all who experience it. 

“We’ve all been pulled through so many life changes beginning with the strange trip through COVID, the extreme political split, majorly increased mass shootings, and outrageous tragedies from climate changes,” she added. 

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