Obscenely wealthy: $40 million private art bunker

#TaxtheRich. The obscenely wealthy in American continue distancing themselves from the working class by exploiting the working class. From price gouging to suppressed wages to avoiding taxation through political influence and tax loopholes, the super rich take too often without giving. It’s why the wealth gap in America now recalls the Gilded Age of robber barons and the Carnegie’s and Rockefellers.

As an art and travel writer, I see my fair share of examples how the lifestyles of the obscenely wealthy vary from that of everyday people. Luxury resorts. Multi-million dollar auctions. Private jets.

Never, however, have I seen a more grotesque example of how the obscenely wealthy live in America than this recent press release I received from a company selling 8-figure art bunkers for the super rich. Inherent in the product is an acceptance, and comfort, in the idea that the above ground world with the unwashed masses will burn in climate calamities, resources wars, protests of living conditions and violent crackdowns of those protests, these events precipitated by the actions of the obscenely wealthy, actions which helped achieve that wealth, and while the world burns, they can retreat to their luxury art bunkers and continue the party. Sickening.

The unedited press release follows:

Oppidium luxury art bunker. Image courtesy of Oppidium.
Oppidium luxury art bunker. Image courtesy of Oppidium.

Oppidum, the world’s leading developer of secure, luxury underground residences, is proud to unveil a new configuration of secure subterranean living named the Futurist. As with all new designs, Oppidum’s first priority is protecting what clients cherish most; loved ones and friends alongside precious invaluable objects ranging from the intrinsic to priceless. With preserving and protecting fine art being a paramount consideration to clients, Oppidum is introducing the Futurist in parallel with America’s premier art show, Art Basel in Miami.

“The Oppidum Futurist presents contemporary, timeless luxury in a modern gallery setting. Fine art is such an important part of what inspires our clients. While protection and comfort are absolute necessities, Oppidum also recognizes that life is about much more than perfect security,” comments Oppidum Founder & CEO Jakub Zamrazil. “The Oppidum Futurist serves as an extension of the home, a special place for showcasing and preserving precious pieces that the world cannot simply recreate.”

Designed by Architect Marc Prigent, the new Futurist by Oppidum emphasizes modernity. Celebrated for creating some of the world’s most luxurious interior spaces for renowned hoteliers such as the Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons, Prigent conceived the new Oppidum Futurist as a crisply streamlined modern art gallery and secure living space. Designed beneath the ground in the ancient tradition of destinations such as Capri, Matera, and Sardinia, Oppidum specially engineers each stately space with state-of-the-art security while crafting a magnificent family estate.

Oppidum’s all-new Futurist serves as a modern-day castle with a pleasing, minimalist contemporary approach. The Futurist is defined by smooth shapes and delightful curving walls with a series of calming areas thoughtfully laced throughout. While Oppidum’s previous L’Heritage design is constructed in a classical French style, the Futurist opts for the modern; incorporating sophisticated lighting systems that delicately highlight day and night through each 24-hour period. Despite the extensive work that goes into designing these luxury living spaces, each Oppidum is built next to or beneath a client’s existing residence, typically built beneath that home’s garden or driveway space.

With the collection and preservation of fine art often a focal point for Oppidum clients, the Futurist serves many purposes. First, the Futurist protects clients while also preserving one-of-a-kind pieces in the setting of a modern art gallery underneath the home that can be accessed at any time easily only a few steps away. Oppidum also delivers the bank-level security of a vault in a special space specifically made for properly showcasing, lighting, and preserving each piece and objet d’art.  

In addition to developing sophisticated lighting, an entire ecosystem complete with subtle background noises is created amidst the stunning art pieces on display throughout. Oppidum’s architectural team took care to integrate natural elements throughout the Futurist. Plants and an array of gently running water features such as fountains, brooks, and streams inhabit the environment. Natural elements transform the expansive curving halls, providing a uniquely calm, welcoming aura.

Accessible to clients and guests but impregnable to the uninvited, the new Oppidum Futurist presents a luxurious space engineered to the same exacting standards of a high security location. Complete with state-of-the-art technologies including blast protection, air tightness, off-grid power and other more advanced technological equipment, the Oppidum Futurist configuration protects clients from anything in the world while also safeguarding fine art, rare texts and other antiquities, invaluable wine and spirits, and anything of great import in perfect condition. 

With Oppidum underground fortified residences starting at a price point of $10 million, the Swiss developer can build any secure living space imaginable designed to each client’s specific wants and needs. Pricing is based on location, size, and fit out. The all-new Oppidum Futurist is priced around $40 million to start, depending on the same factors.

For more information on Oppidum and all available models, please visit www.oppidum.ch.

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