The FC Collective (5999 New Peachtree Road, Doraville, GA 30340) presents “NYCTOPHOBIA: The Fear of Darkness,” a contemporary art exhibition featuring underrepresented artists based in Atlanta, Washington DC, and Baltimore. The breadth of work focuses on the fear of darkness/Blackness, and is curated by Founder of The FC Collective, Adrian Fletcher.

The FC Collective is not only committed to elevating marginalized communities, they are also dedicated to elevating thought amongst the art community. Fear-mongering targeting Black and Brown people is pervasive and entrenched in societies around the world. As these fears are repeated, recycled, and reinforced in our daily lives through skewed media lenses, misinformation, and stereotyping they become deeply embedded in the psyche of their consumers.

Members of the African diaspora are confronted with the resulting fears of the darkness of their skin. This is evidenced in the deeply rooted fear-based responses experienced externally and internally that force them to delicately navigate daily life in a predominantly white society. This repeatedly forces Black and Brown people to ask: “What are you really afraid of?”

“NYCTOPHOBIA is for everybody. We all have a lot to learn in regards to the sociopolitical issues that have crept up recently, especially here in the United States,” Fletcher said. “One of my main purposes of the show is to spark dialogue; to have people come together and talk about these works. Some pieces may be more provocative, some may require more critical thinking. Discussions need to happen in an organic and open forum and The FC Collective is here to provide that.”

NYCTOPHOBIA is an unapologetic interrogation of the psyche examining the dichotomy of those who are afraid and those who are feared. It is an experience that runs from December 9 – December 17.

“We’re here to promote unified growth, as opposed to continuing to sit in our own silos,” Fletcher added.

About The FC Collective

The FC Collective is a black-owned nomadic gallery with the mission to work with artists from underrepresented backgrounds, in particular across the African diaspora, in the local and international arts communities. The FC Collective’s goal is to address the gaps existing in the local and global art markets and help support underrepresented arts communities by facilitating artists discovery, growth, exposure, sales, and opportunities to expand their global audience.

Founded by Adrian Fletcher and Michaela Campbell in Atlanta, Georgia, the gallery has evolved from several years of private collecting and dealing into a fully nomadic model.

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