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ARTECHOUSE, the first innovative arts organization dedicated to the intersection of art, science and technology, with locations in Washington, DC, New York City and Miami, announces the opening of Renewal 2121 at its Miami Beach location on December 20, 2021. This original ARTECHOUSE production, which first premiered at ARTECHOUSE DC in the Spring of 2021, utilizes the power of creative technology to raise public awareness of the dangers posed to the environment, and foster conversations and actions that inspire meaningful change. The exhibition transports visitors into an imagined future 100 years from now, where nature’s resilience takes center stage amongst an overdeveloped metropolis, empowering visitors to interact to help the blooms of our future continue to renew.

Open to all ages, Renewal 2121 will be on view through May 1, 2022 at ARTECHOUSE Miami Beach (736 Collins Avenue). 

Renewal 2121 presents a possible metropolis reminiscent of Tokyo 100 years from now, if humanity’s growth and expansion goes unchecked. As visitors explore ARTECHOUSE’s galleries, they will traverse through a neon cyberpunk cityscape, an interactive market, bustling alleyways and datacenter, finding nature blooming in the most unexpected places amidst this industrial future. This science fiction aesthetic is intentional — the imagined worlds of our future and advancements in science and technology often inspire one other. 

The exhibition’s inspiration also celebrates three themes of renewal — the city, nature, and ourselves. Paralleling the constant rebirth of cities through human innovation and nature’s adaptive resilience, Renewal 2121 coincides with both the blooming season and the beginning of the calendar year. The forward-looking energy of new hopes, dreams and actions that these cycles bring is part of the core message of this multi-sensory art experience, along with the critical challenge that we face together as global citizens: climate change. Focusing specifically on the extinction element of climate change and presenting “sakura” or cherry blossoms as a symbol for nature as a whole, Renewal 2121 aims to inspire people to harness their energy towards finding solutions that will ensure a brighter future. 

Produced by the ARTECHOUSE Creative Team, in collaboration with interdisciplinary artists from around the globe, Renewal 2121 is a true manifestation of a remote collaborative process to tell a story of renewal and optimism. Within the immersive gallery, visitors will discover nature’s place within a possible future through five sweeping scenes designed by Japanese digital artist and motion graphics designer Yuya Takeda, and brought to life by the ARTECHOUSE creative team. 

The Düsseldorf-based group Mario Hammer and the Lonely Robot created an original score for the exhibition and Design Foundry provided the scenery.


ARTECHOUSE connects audiences to the arts, and stimulates interest in the limitless possibilities of technology, science and creativity, with a mission to inspire, educate, and empower the creation of new, experiential, and exploratory art / @artechouse / #artechouse


Yuya Takeda is a digital 2D/3D artist and motion graphics designer, born in Tokyo, Japan in 1988. His works employ a vast variety of experimental, digital techniques touching on painting driven by 3D renders to generative and algorithmic art. His works have been printed in Japanese publications such as CGWorld and Game Graphics Bible 2017, as well as been selected as parts of art compilations. Originally a motion graphics designer, Yuya also exhibits his works in planetariums, stage visuals for music shows, and various OOH mediums.

He is passionate about blending technology and art, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with software and human ingenuity.Currently, Yuya is experimenting with large-scale 3D scene creations to tell ephemeral stories titled SideTrip and it’s sister project, SideTrip: Experimental, both of which are on display on his website. / @sky.base


Mario Hammer And The Lonely Robot is Mario Hammer and his collaborator, ‎Josef Steinbüchel. They began the project in 2015 as neighbors living in the same area, both fascinated with synthesizer technology – old and new alike. The work of Mario Hammer and the Lonely Robot allows listeners to not only hear, but also truly feel breathtaking musical soundscapes. Their music will sweep you away and not let go. Previously unseen voids suddenly fill with music. The intangible becomes tangible through their music, as it explores intensely personal emotions. Have you ever smiled whilst crying? Or felt pain although you were happy? Life and its ways are a mystery, as we all know. Mario Hammer And The Lonely Robot express this in unique ways, both artistically and musically. In doing so, we gain deep insights into Hammer and Steinbüchel’s most personal feelings and recognize similarities in our own lives, as every personal experience also captures a shared consciousness through which we feel perpetually connected.

If nothing else, Mario Hammer And The Lonely Robot creates a world of sound in which we all feel at home. They have already proven this impressive ability with their three previous albums. Their 4th album, Enveloppé, promises an even deeper listening experience, using brand new 360° Immersive Audio Technology (Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D).  

Their work finally culminates with the installation Renewal / @mariohammerandthelonelyrobot


Renewal 2121 is on view December 20, 2021 – May 1, 2022

Daily General Admissions:

Monday – Thursday, 2pm-9pmFriday, 2pm-10pmSaturday – Sunday, 12pm-10pm


  • Adults: Starting at $24
  • Children (Ages 4-15): Starting at $17 
  • FREE for children under the age of 4
  • Students, Seniors, Military & First Responders: Starting at $20 
  • Weekday Family Pack: Starting at $75 (2 adults, 2+ children)

Single and group tickets can be reserved in advance at

LOCATION: ARTECHOUSE Miami Beach is located right in the heart of South Beach at 736 Collins Avenue,.

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