Mr Brainwash origami sculptures installed on Rodeo Drive

Imagiro, a vibrant outdoor public art installation of origami sculptures along Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, was unveiled in July 2023. The artworks come from internationally acclaimed Mr Brainwash, the moniker for Thierry Guetta, the French-born street artist with worldwide recognition. Guetta’s Beverly Hills contemporary art museum opened in December 2022.

Organized in partnership with the Rodeo Drive Committee, Imagiro comprises nine large-scale, six- to 10-feet-high, brightly-colored, metal sculptures of pink, green, red, blue, orange and yellow origami animals, including birds, a bear, an elephant, a dog, a rabbit, and more, on view along the length of Rodeo Drive through September 25. The photo friendly, interactive public art project is free and open to all. 

Origami has been an art form that has nearly defined beauty for centuries. The elegant process of creating something magical with material as simple as paper brings together all ages and cultures. When Mr Brainwash was a child, he turned to origami as another way to express himself. With Imagiro, he wanted to reignite that same feeling he had for origami the first time he ever created it but to make origami timeless. 

“With Imagiro, transforming something as small and fragile as paper into a giant creation in our world is a way of showing how you can do anything and make your dreams a reality,” Mr Brainwash said. “With the unique sculptures of Imagiro on Rodeo Drive, we are shown that even the delicate nature of origami can be captured in time.”

Imagiro, a form of origami, is made of metal to give his memories and the creations a stable place in the world and represents a way to make a delicate art form last forever.

Installation view of Green Dog and Pink Elephant part of Mr Brainwash Imagiro on Rodeo Drive
Installation view of Green Dog and Pink Elephant part of Mr Brainwash Imagiro on Rodeo Drive, photo by Mr Brainwash Studio, courtesy the Rodeo Drive Committee

“We are so excited to unveil Imagiro on Rodeo Drive for the summer months. The series of eye-popping, sculptural animals adds new vibrancy to the street and creates colorful landmarks for meeting and shopping,” Kathy Gohari, who serves on the Rodeo Drive Executive Committee, said. “Art and fashion are inextricably linked and Imagiro’s universal, visual appeal will engage visitors and residents of all ages.”

Continuing a commitment to the presentation of public art on Rodeo Drive, Imagiro follows previous presentations including Mr Brainwash’s red, sculptural work Life is Beautiful, which was first displayed as a temporary installation as part of the 2019 BOLD Summer activation before being installed for the long term on Rodeo Drive’s 200 block.

Other permanent public art works of note on Rodeo Drive include Robert Graham Torso, 2023, installed at the intersection of Rodeo Drive and Dayton Way. The 14-foot high bust, which was commissioned by the Rodeo Drive Committee and given to the City of Beverly Hills, is carved from solid aluminum blocks and mounted on a bronze pedestal. It was dedicated on June 11, 2003 as the centerpiece for the Rodeo Drive Walk of Style. At 347 North Rodeo Drive, Tony Smith New Piece, 1966, a rhombohedron (a three-dimensional form whose faces are rhomboid), allows viewers to study Smith’s subtle manipulation of geometric forms – and realize how such shapes can change depending on the viewing angle. 

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