Martiros Manoukian Constellation Collection exclusively at Haykoff Gallery

The latest expression of Martiros Manoukian’s incomparable creativity comes via his “Constellation Collection,” 21 original paintings which debuted in 2021 with an appraised value of $62 million. The masterpieces are represented exclusively by Haykoff Gallery of Beverly Hills.

For the artist whose genius has garnered global attention over more than 50 years, the “Constellation Collection” stands as another remarkable achievement. Fresh, dynamic, exotic, Martiros has produced a body of work which continues his long celebration and exploration of feminine beauty, mystery and seduction, sure to please long-time collectors while simultaneously taking the motifs into exciting, celestial dimensions.

Trilogy imbues a cosmic wonder into the whimsy and sensuality of Carnival. The joyful colors and rejection of boundaries apparent in My Guardians hints at the debts he owes to Marc Chagall. Passionate provides some idea of what it might have been to witness the birth of the universe, or perhaps the birth of a new love.

“There is no life without love,” Martiros has said.

Passionate and provocative, the “Constellation Collection” furthers the artist’s reputation as, “a genius of fantasy.” It is this unique combination of an unbridled imagination paired with miraculous talent which has resulted in Martiros’ artworks standing as unquestionable status symbols of refined taste, sophistication and connoisseurship.

Martiros’ counts the Hilton Family among his elite roster of collectors.

Globally recognized from Russia to Los Angeles and Hong Kong, Martiros’ original paintings have sold for more than $1 million on the primary market. In 2015, Bella Haykoff, owner of Haykoff Gallery, acquired Martiros Manoukian’s entire inventory of original paintings valued at an estimated $100 million. In 2018, Haykoff further purchased a copyright for all his artworks and intellectual property.

Martiros Manoukian

Martiros Manoukian was born in Armenia during its occupation by the Soviet Union. As a child prodigy, his artworks were first shown publicly when he was just 11-years-old.

After matriculating through the rigorous and stifling Soviet academy system in the early 1970s, his career experienced setbacks due to his refusal to join the Communist Party. His talent, however, could not be denied, and as the Soviet Union broke apart, Martiros’ brilliance broke through to a worldwide contemporary art audience astonished by his imagery. Here was a modern master with something to say in a way no one had ever said so previously.

Stunningly beautiful female figures with contemplative, reserved expressions placed him in succession with such masters of the feminine form as Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres. A melding of Surrealism with realistic figurative painting. Established categories of artwork failed to define his style.

Seductive, evocative, timeless, Martiros’ individual use of light and texture along with his closely guarded mixed media painting techniques have led to the creation of a new genre of artwork, exclusive to him, known as Marmillism. In attempting to describe the indescribable, dealers and collectors have also christened his red, found nowhere else in the art world, simply “Martiros Red.”

As with all of history’s greatest artwork, “Constellation Collection” must be seen in person to be fully appreciated for its deft lighting, detail and magic.

Martiros Manoukian, Golden Confusion, 50x64. Photo by AMphotography.
Martiros Manoukian, Golden Confusion, 50×64. Photo by AMphotography.

The captivating storytelling found in Golden Confusion. It’s pendant, Golden Rejection. Inspiration, Glorious and Charming introduce viewers into enticing worlds defined by beauty, vivid color and illusion. These are paintings to become wonderfully lost in. To spend a lifetime with. Revered objects deserving deep contemplation, distanced from our plastic, disposable society.

Due to the global pandemic, only a small number of Martiros collectors have been able to view the “Constellation Collection” in person. On January 28th 2022, Haykoff Gallery presented an exclusive invite-only art collection viewing of “The Constellation Collection by Martiros Manoukian” at the Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills. 

Professional art expert speaker and auctioneer Leif Rydfors unveiled 11 of the 21 art pieces from  Haykoff’s Martiros Manoukian collection. Guests and art collectors including Nancy Davis, founder of the Race To Erase MS foundation, world renowned artist Arthur J Williams Jr., recording artist Brian McKnight Jr., celebrity stylist and personality Derek Warburton,  TV host George Satsidis, style influencer and host Kinya Claiborne were in attendance.

To add your name to the list, interested parties can arrange for private showings either at Haykoff Gallery or the location of their choosing by contacting

Haykoff Gallery

Haykoff Gallery private viewing room for The Constellation Collection by Martiros Manoukian at the Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills. Photo by AM Photography.
Haykoff Gallery private viewing room for The Constellation Collection by Martiros Manoukian at the Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills. Photo by AM Photography.

Haykoff Gallery is an appointment-only fine arts gallery specializing in collections of exclusive artworks from world-renowned artists around the globe. The private gallery is housed within the historic Italianate Villa Estate in Beverly Hills.

Haykoff Gallery also offers off-site, white glove showings at a client’s preferred location upon request. The gallery additionally hosts select, invitation-only art exhibitions at various venues in the finest hotels and museums and collaborates with premier luxury brands.

Haykoff Gallery is the exclusive representative of all unique original works of Martiros Manoukian and owns full artist’s rights.

Bella Haykoff

Bella Haykoff with Martiros Manoukian artwork.
Bella Haykoff with Martiros Manoukian artwork.

Bella Haykoff is a highly respected entrepreneur profiled by Forbes, internationally recognized art collector, and owner of Haykoff Gallery. She holds a Presidents’ and Key Executive Master’s degree in Business Administration from Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA.

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