Marisabel Bazan artwork installed in Costa Mesa

The City of Costa Mesa (CA) will unveil “La Magia de Colleta,” a new public artwork by renowned Los Angeles-based artist Marisabel Bazan on January 30, 2024. This occasion marks the grand opening of “Mariposa Garden,” an extended garden at Marina View Park and on permanent display.

“La Magia de Colleta” combines ten colorful butterfly sculptures made of aluminum that are hand-bent to reflect movement. Each handpainted sculpture ranges from 2-feet to 5-inches and is positioned across the Mariposa Garden lawn. Bazan is the first artist to activate the space with her signature butterflies, marking the beginning of a new chapter in the city’s commitment to fostering and continuing the visual arts in Costa Mesa. 

Much like how the artist creates, this collection serves as a poignant reminder to tap into one’s innate intuition and embrace growth. As a mental health advocate for the Panamanian-based non-profit organization Fundacion Relaciones Sanas, the artist turns to art as a way to shed light on mental health awareness and encourage positivity as ever-evolving beings.

“It’s an installation dedicated to the community to celebrate beauty, transformation, and the resilience of embracing one’s true self as we constantly evolve,” Bazan said. “I invite the public to feel the magic in these sculptures and reflect on a caterpillar’s journey, a rebirth of sorts that transforms into a butterfly no matter what circumstances you’re in.” 

“La Magia de Colleta” will be on permanent display starting January 30, 2024, commissioned by The City of Costa Mesa. The installation is free of charge and open to the public.

About the artist

Marisabel Bazan is a Panamanian artist living and working in Los Angeles, known for her colorful organic artwork and public commissions. A cross-disciplinary artist, Bazan employs painting, mixed-media, sculpture, video, and interactive art to create bold, expressionistic works, reflecting on topics and themes including mental health, metamorphosis, and the human spirit inspired by her urban community.

Bazan’s work has been exhibited internationally, including the United Nations (Geneva), the Lancaster Museum of Art (Lancaster, USA), Imagen Galeria (Panama City) and Audrey Love Gallery (Miami), as well as public commissions including “The Dream Big Collection at Times Square” (New York), “Dance of the Butterflies” commissioned by the Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission of West Hollywood (LA) and ll Cammino Della Farfalla on the famous La Cresta stairs in Panama City. 


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