Lighthouse ArtCenter in Tequesta highlighting conservation

Lighthouse ArtCenter’s upcoming exhibition, “Wild Hearts,” is a riveting tribute to the wonders of nature through the eyes of world-renowned artists including Helmut Koller, Ellen Jewett, and international award-winning fine art conservation photographers Mac Stone and Carlton Ward Jr.  

This impactful exhibition curated by Janeen Mason runs January 18 to February 24, 2024, inviting the community to explore the beauty of wild animals and the conservation efforts aimed at protecting it. The Opening Reception is on January 18, 2024, from 5 to 7 pm at Lighthouse ArtCenter in Tequesta, Florida. Admission is free for members and a $5 suggested donation for nonmembers.

“‘Wild Hearts’ presents the beauty of the natural world and the commitment of artists and conservationists to safeguard our planet’s precious resources,” LAC Executive Director Jeni Licata said. “Through this exhibition, Lighthouse ArtCenter invites the community to appreciate the wild, be inspired by art, and engage with the urgent need for conservation.” 

In the Spencer Gallery, visitors will be transported into the vibrant and wild world of Helmut Koller. Originally from Austria and now a resident of Palm Beach, Koller is known for his vivid, bold, and celebratory animal paintings. Kollerism, as he describes it, is an art movement defined by the faithful representation of form and the abstraction of colors, with no need for disciples. His art is a testament to his singular and visionary approach. 

Alongside Koller’s masterpieces, art enthusiasts will have the opportunity to gaze upon the meticulously crafted sculptures by Ellen Jewett, a Canadian artist whose intricate and imaginative designs have garnered international acclaim. With a background in fine art, anthropology, and zoology, Jewett’s work focuses on animals portrayed in whimsical and surreal poses. Her deep understanding of animal behavior and her artistic prowess result in stunning and intricate sculptures that captivate the imagination. 

The Schorr Gallery promises to immerse guests in the breathtaking and awe-inspiring work of internationally acclaimed fine art conservation photographers Mac Stone and Carlton Ward Jr. Both Stone and Ward, National Geographic explorers, dedicate their lives to connecting people with our cultural and natural heritage and the preservation of the Everglades, one of the world’s most unique and endangered ecosystems. 

Carlton Ward Jr. has played an instrumental role in establishing the Florida Wildlife Corridor, a crucial initiative for protecting Florida’s wildlife and natural habitats. In April 2023, Ward’s film, “Path of the Panther,” was released on Disney+, further advancing the cause of conservation and raising awareness about the vital work needed to safeguard our environment. 

Mac Stone captures the narratives of Florida’s Everglades, weaving tales of wildlife that invite his audience to perceive the swampland not as an obstacle but as a cherished national gem. Using his captivating photographs, Stone illuminates a neglected, timeless, and crucial wilderness to spark conversations, provoke thoughts, and foster a deep connection that transcends the gap between scientific understanding and aesthetic appreciation.

Stone’s compelling message encourages individuals to immerse themselves in the experience: “Just do it — put your feet in the water,” he says. “The swamp will change you, I promise.” 

About Lighthouse ArtCenter

Lighthouse ArtCenter Gallery & School of Art is 501c(3) not-for-profit founded in 1964 by eight artists and Christopher Norton. The ArtCenter is dedicated to the visual arts whose mission is to inspire, engage and connect our community through a vibrant school of art, unique exhibitions and diverse special events. The center has grown into a three-building campus consisting of a Gallery & 2D Studio, 3D Studio, and a Jewelry & Textile Studio.

Supported by memberships, tuition, grants, and donations, Lighthouse ArtCenter serves over 20,000 visitors, 3000 students, 45 faculty members, 400 summer art campers, and a comprehensive outreach program to benefit under-served populations.

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