Latinx abstract artists receive spotlight at BRIC Brooklyn

BRIC, a leading arts and media institution anchored in Brooklyn, is pleased to announce “Latinx Abstract,” a groundbreaking exhibition that asserts the enduring legacy of Latinx abstract artists. It will be on view through May 2, 2021 both virtually and in-person at BRIC House (647 Fulton St).

In-person viewing at BRIC will be available during reduced hours, Wed-Sat 11am-6pm, and at reduced capacity. Visitors are encouraged to reserve a space 48 hours in advance by contacting BRIC. In-person viewing availability is subject to change, in accordance with city and state health authorities.

Who are Latinx Abstract artists

“Latinx Abstract” presents a cross-generational survey of ten artists: Candida Alvarez, Karlos Carcamo, Maria Chavez, Alejandro Guzman, Glendalys Medina, Freddy Rodriguez, Fanny Sanín, Mary Valverde, Vargas-Suarez Universal, and Sarah Zapata. The exhibition is curated by BRIC’s Chief Curator, Elizabeth Ferrer.

The exhibition challenges the established history of abstract art in the United States, which largely excludes the contributions of Latinx artists, individuals of Latin American descent based in the United States. Distinct from Latin American abstraction, work in this mode by Latinx artists is a central, yet overlooked aspect of American painting.

While engaging with art historical influences that range from pre-Columbian art to modernism in Europe and the United States, the artwork in this exhibition reveals an unusually broad range of sources and influences. They include Indigenous and Afro-Caribbean spiritual beliefs; mathematics, astronomy, and computer science; and aspects of popular culture like graffiti and hip hop.

“​Latinx Abstract” is a timely reassessment of American art history, as well as an expansion of the possibilities for abstraction.

Past works by Candida Alvarez.


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