Justice for George Floyd petition commemorated with murals

Change.org, the world’s largest petition platform, has revealed three specially-commissioned art pieces to visually reflect the nearly 20 million signer milestone of the ‘Justice for George Floyd’ petition. Titled the ‘Digital to Physical Project,’ Change.org has partnered with three Black artists from Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Harlem, and Black-owned creative agency 19th & Park to produce artwork that symbolizes the call to end racial injustice. 

The petition, started by a 15-year-old, has become the biggest on-line petition in history by a wide margin. For context, five million signatures on Change.org had been the previous record.

Digital to Physical is Change.org’s second art installation project, following the launch of a George Floyd hologram tour in early August. Featuring two street murals and one digital creation, the commission’s goal is to keep these causes at the top of hearts and minds. The project strives to use art to help showcase a tangible representation of the collective voice of people power and continue to inspire others to never forget the fight for racial justice work.

To help Kellen bring her 20 million signatures to life offline, Change.org partnered with three artists.

L.A. based Brittney S. Price has taken to the streets of her city to paint colorful murals that call folks to action in the fight for racial justice. She used the idea of a butterfly effect to represent the 20 million signatures for justice for George Floyd.

Change.org also enlisted Ali Springer-Elkerson, a 13-year-old high school student, and Visual artist Gianni Lee.

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