Influence of Anni Albers’ time in Mexico examined in “Passersby” at Museo Jumex Mexico City

“Passersby 04: Anni Albers,” on view at now at the Museo Jumex in Mexico City, continues the biographical Passerby (or Pasajeros) series exhibited by the museum, highlighting historical figures and how their travels through Mexico impacted their work. Anni is the fourth presentation of the series following shows featuring Jerzy Grotowski, Esther McCoy and John Cage.

This edition, on view through February 28, 2021, explores how the artist and designer Anni Albers’ (Germany, 1899 – USA, 1994) trips to Mexico influenced her work, and the personal and professional relationships forged through these experiences. The exhibition features 100 drawings, textiles, objects, photographs, books, documents, letters and reproductions, including original works by Anni Albers, as well as contributions by other artists.

Audiences across the world can experience the exhibition through videos, images, and text on Museo Jumex’s website.

The exhibition additionally analyzes her oeuvre and draws parallelisms between modern artistic practices and the ancient and contemporary cultures of America.

Annelise Elsa Frieda Fleischmann, known as Anni Albers, was an artist, designer, essayist, collector, researcher and teacher. She visited Mexico thirteen times with her partner, Josef Albers (Germany, 1888 – USA, 1976), who was also an artist. Together they amassed a significant collection of pre-colonial ceramic miniatures from different cultures of what is now Mexico. 

At the same time, Anni acquired textile pieces for the Harriet Engelhardt Memorial Collection at Black Mountain College in North Carolina. Her travels through different regions of Mexico, in search of archaeological sites, textiles and other local crafts, significantly influenced her work and thinking.

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