Incubus lead singer Brandon Boyd paintings in new exhibit at Leica Gallery L.A.

Leica Gallery Los Angeles is currently hosting “The City of Angels,” an exhibition located in the heart of West Hollywood that marries the refined aesthetic of fine art and the authenticity of photography. Exploring the bond of humanity and our environment by pushing the boundaries of creative mediums and perspectives, “The City of Angels” showcases the latest captivating work of LA-based celebrity photographer Brian Bowen Smith, aerial and street photographer Stephen Vanasco and paintings from Incubus lead singer Brandon Boyd

In his latest intimate canvas series, titled “Vinculum,” Boyd explores the many facets of his creativity and his personal experience with the Pandemic lockdown in 2020.

Brandon Boyd paintings

Boyd developed his passion for art and photography in the early 2000’s, as Brian Bowen Smith was one of the band’s first tour photographers. Boyd shares that his experience with creating this body of work, “was now an even more important way to let the air out of my emotional/spiritual balloon. One of the realizations that have slowly emerged through my creative process during these strange times is an evolving understanding of how interconnected we are here in this place. And there are larger connective threads, or ‘Vinculum’ if you will, that make themselves observable to those willing and or curious to spot them.”

Highlighting the beauty of Los Angeles and the talent that resonates within its inhabitants, the exhibit offers a unique visual experience and perspective on LA culture and the multifaceted identity of all its natives. All prints are available for purchase and the exhibit is now live at the Leica Gallery Los Angeles through April 26, 2021, open daily from 10am to 6pm.

“As with most of my creative pursuits, I rarely understand precisely what I’m attempting to accomplish beyond the mere act of letting go into the process, that is, until after the impulse has subsided and what was being chased reveals itself in it’s realized form,” Boyd told the Leica Gallery Los Angeles website. “I have found that the attempt to give a name to a song or to a painting before it is finished has a tendency to limit and even thwart the potential of what it could very well become, so I have kind of surrendered to that process and allowed for it to tell me what it wants to be called once it is nearing it’s apex.”

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