How Texas A&M Became Our Home Away From Home (Gridiron Now)

Let me tell you a story about how College Station became a home away from home for my wife and me. The year was 2011.

My wife, fellow sports writer Kristi Dosh, wrote a story for about the Aggies’ new baseball stadium. She interviewed then-athletic director Bill Byrne for the article and subsequently was invited by him to attend the team’s football opener vs. SMU.

Since I was working from home at the time – translation: “out of work” – I invited myself along. Kristi was working from home as well, still practicing law, and with games spread out across the opening Labor Day weekend and A&M playing on Sunday, we decided to make an odyssey out of our visit.

We left Kristi’s home in suburban Atlanta on Friday afternoon and drove to Tupelo, Miss., where we spent the night.  Saturday morning we drove to Oxford and watched Ole Miss take on BYU. Neither of us had been to Oxford and we both wanted to go. Following the Ole Miss game, our intention was to drive to Shreveport, La., where’d we’d call it a night and rest up for Sunday in College Station.

Not so fast my friend, as a famous college football commentator might say.

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