How Arts Improve Academic Performance in College

First, we need to define what art is. That is a tough job. Anything is a masterpiece today. Abstract paintings, metal sculptures, or graffiti on subway walls are excellent as they enable people to express themselves in numerous forms. There’s a misconception that one has to be super-talented to paint, draw, or make sculptures. It’s more about expressing inner feelings and creating something out of nothing, finding beauty in the strangest places. Producing music, paintings, or ceramics is a human need, just as eating, sleeping, and socializing. Trying and practicing any form of creative art does wonders for one’s well-being. Especially for students who face so many challenges while mastering their studies.

Unlocking Academic Potential by Giving Arts a Try

As we mentioned, there’s a widespread belief saying only natural-born craftsmen like Michelangelo or Rembrandt have a right to practice painting or sculpting. Most individuals do not even try doing anything creative. Fear of being ridiculed or compared with great masters deters many. It’s a shame. Everyone deserves to experience the joy of creation. The reasons for studying arts are numerous. It boosts one’s creativity. It fosters focus and discipline and assists students in finding a balance between work and leisure.

Art Improves Student Learning Abilities

Practicing any creative craft has a positive impact on student performance. Mostly, it makes learning easier. Do you want to do great service to your brain cells? Trying any activity like drawing or painting activates certain parts of our brain, areas entrusted with memory, pattern recognition, and problem-solving. We get busy sometimes with classes and assignment papers. Occasionally, it’s needed for a student to pay for an essay at Papersowl service just to keep up with the tight schedule. Getting some expert help is always beneficial. But, those studying drawing or graphic design finish assignments much faster and easier. That’s because engaging in creative activities gives them a different mindset. An artist is focused on finding patterns, connecting dots, and thinking outside the box. Thus, it is sometimes best to outsource essay writing to experts and immerse yourself in the world of art.

Even an amateur crafter solves problems better than an average guy. Try playing guitar or piano. Remembering a custom melody is easier than an academic lesson. Humans remember pleasant things easier. Now incorporate music into learning and  –  boom. Lessons are memorized more easily as they are directly associated with something enjoyable. Taking a break is an integral part of cramming as well. Making breaks between learning sessions constructive by doing proper artwork recuperates our energy much better instead of simply staring at the wall. Try incorporating a little craftsmanship into the learning routine and see what happens.

Developing Creativity Through Artistic Engagement

Open-minded folks are more successful compared to others. It’s a no-brainer. A writer sees the world differently compared to a senior accountant at an insurance company. But, an insurance accountant who loves creative writing is a formidable foe, like a Shaolin warrior who trains his mind and body equally. Writing a story or making a creative visual expression ignites a flame of imagination in our minds. Creativity is learned by expressing thoughts and feelings in various ways. It’s a liberating and empowering experience. All students should try engaging in painting, writing, or playing music. Such experiences open new ways of thinking. Just observe how:

  • Practicing music makes people recognize patterns more efficiently
  • The painting evokes new perspectives in problem-solving
  • Creative writing improves understanding of others

Learning Discipline and Time Management Via Art

Drawing or mastering color theory teaches more than just how to make fifty shades of gray. It shows how mistakes can be undone. Likewise, it teaches how every problem contains several layers. To learn patience, start drawing a landscape from scratch. Perspective, shading, lighting, proportions, figure drawing. All these things should be applied in perfect harmony and order. It takes discipline. Every masterpiece does.

To really master time management and self-control, use ink as a medium. Such an unforgiving method leaves no room for errors. Every custom stroke has to be perfect. Talking about stress management training. After mastering ink drawing, finishing a research paper in time will be no fuss.

Mira Lehr with Theo Lotz, the Director of Flying Horse Editions, Steve Fournier (master printer), and Ella Elliston (printer). Photo by Alison Lehr Fryd, 2021.
Mira Lehr with Theo Lotz, the Director of Flying Horse Editions, Steve Fournier (master printer), and Ella Elliston (printer). Photo by Alison Lehr Fryd, 2021.

Developing Social Skills

Art helps students academically but also as a social activity. Reaping the benefits of art education is not reserved only for art majors. Any pupil who practices some craft as a hobby connects with people more easily. Sharing nice and creative things in common indeed solidifies many friendships. Communicating comes easier when having an admirable skill in a pocket. It’s an icebreaker and a conversation starter. Playing an instrument turns you into the coolest guy in the room. Just think about how:

  • Literature provides so many topics for discussion
  • Music brings people together
  • Having unique hobbies helps to make new like-minded friends

Fostering Student’s Holistic Development

Other benefits of art programs in schools include fostering student growth in general. Concentrating only on grades and getting a degree isn’t the best approach. Universities do not produce robots but future leaders and entrepreneurs. Introducing more art into schools certainly supports a holistic approach to education. Perhaps we could all include a little more music, sculpting, or throwing pottery in our lives. Most pupils write journals or play guitar for fun. That’s a start, as raising conciseness about the importance of personal expression is paramount. There’s no finer way to grow as a person than to find yourself through artistic performance. It’s a spiritual experience. Like coming to age or shedding the old skin and becoming a new man. Someone more confident, stronger, and happier.

Why is Art Important for Students in Schools

Art is a craft. An expression. And a Skill. Impression and emotions are embedded in objects around us. Everybody has permission to put his personal signature on a music sheet, piece of paper, or canvas. It’s about expressing something. It’s not about being perfect or being compared with the Renaissance masters. All graduates benefit from introducing a little craftsmanship into their daily routine. Studying is much easier when accompanied by a creative pastime. It allows students to acquire multiple skills and develop a stronger focus. Finding innovative solutions comes naturally to art-minded individuals as well. So don’t exploit craftsmanship to create a splendid showpiece. Use it to improve yourself and become a better person.

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