Holiday Native American Arts market in New York City

For one weekend only, Native Art Market returns to the National Museum of the American Indian in New York City, December 2-3, 2023, from 10 a.m.–5 p.m. The museum and market are located at One Bowling Green at the Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House.

The weekend event invites art lovers and holiday shoppers to meet more than 30 Indigenous artists and learn about traditional arts and contemporary Native creativity. Visitors will have the unique opportunity to purchase handcrafted artworks, including beadwork, jewelry, paintings, photography, pottery, and sculpture. Live acoustic guitar music will be performed on site by Jesse Alan Horn (Potawatomi) and DJ Jonray (Laguna/Acoma Pueblo).

How we spend our money says a great deal about what we value and those choices can have a real impact. Shopping at a farmer’s market and buying local produce vs. shopping at the supermarket. Eating at locally owned restaurants. Socially responsible investing. Buying Native American artwork from Native American artists. Purchasing jewelry and clothing from a craftsman, not a giant corporation.

As an example, my wife wants a ring to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. She had her eye on something from Jared. I spoke to her about my preference for purchasing her gift directly from a Native artist, supporting a person, not a company. Whatever I might end up spending would be meaningless to the “Galleria of Jewelry,” but could go along way to supporting a Native artist.

When you shop “big” – with international companies – you support capitalism, Wall Street, suppressed wages, climate change. When you shop “small” – with locally owned companies and individuals – you support craftspeople, families, communities and sustainability. Native art markets are a wonderful opportunity to shop small, shop with intention, support Native culture, support Native families, and acquire a higher caliber item than you can at a store.

Holiday shopping at a Native arts market says you support Native arts and artists and are putting your money where your mouth is.

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