Hip Hop Heroes at Hudson River Museum

The Hudson River Museum presents two exhibitions that champion the success of Black and Brown artists and musicians. Kindred Worlds: The Priscila and Alvin Hudgins Collection (November 10, 2023–March 2, 2025) features vibrant art works by nineteen contemporary artists from the collection of Priscila and Alvin Hudgins, a testament to this Yonkers-based couple’s deep and enduring devotion to the arts. Hip Hop Heroes (November 10, 2023–March 3, 2024) celebrates 50 years of Hip Hop and honors our local heroes who honed their craft and contributed to a thriving Hip Hop scene, featuring art and artifacts from Yonkers and its neighboring communities. 

“In so many ways, these exhibitions are celebrations of excellence and community,” Masha Turchinsky, Director and CEO, Hudson River Museum, said. “We are boundlessly appreciative that Priscila and Alvin Hudgins, as discerning collectors, HRM members, and Yonkers residents, have graciously shared their carefully cultivated collection with us for the benefit of all. Likewise, we are thrilled that will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop with meaningful contributions by local artists and music fans of all ages.”

Hip Hop Heroes

Hip Hop Heroes celebrates fifty years of Hip Hop in Yonkers and its neighboring communities, centering the stories of the pioneers and party goers who helped shape it into a global phenomenon. Featuring art and artifacts from community members, Hip Hop Heroes honors Yonkers, the Bronx, and Mount Vernon as sites of New York’s musical innovation, where artists from The Lox to DMX to Mary J. Blige honed their craft and contributed to a thriving Hip Hop scene. 
Hip Hop is generally thought to be made up of four primary elements: DJing, MCing, breakdancing (or b-boying), and graffiti. Recognizing this multimedia dimension of the culture, the exhibition features work by graffiti writers, muralists, and comic book artists.

The exhibition begins with an exploration of how the story of Hip Hop has often been told through the visual arts, featuring works by artists such as Antoinette Legnini and Andre Trenier and an original mural organized by Evan Bishop and painted by local artists including Nancy Mendez, Michael Cuomo, and Marco Barrios. These artworks are further contextualized by cherished memorabilia from community members, including a treasured collection of vinyls, ticket stubs, and flyers.
“This exhibition is an important step in the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop culture. Yonkers has made a significant contribution and produced iconic artists,” Yonkers-based artist and exhibition co-curator, Evan Bishop, said. “Having the Hudson River Museum join in this acknowledgement is huge, and the public will enjoy it. I am honored to co-curate this exhibit with Karintha to make this event a reality. May the architects of the culture be pleased.”
The exhibition also builds from artist Evan Bishop’s workshop series, Hip Hop Heroes: Create a Comic Book Cover, which was held at the Museum in the winter of 2023 and introduced participants to the relationship between social issues and Hip Hop culture. Original works created in these workshops will be featured in the exhibition, complemented by a documentary about Bishop’s project, filmed by photojournalist Denzel Walters.

A special feature of Hip Hop Heroes will be a series of arts workshops, held in the exhibition space, where visitors will have the opportunity to create their own Hip Hop heroes. The resulting art will be considered for inclusion in the comic book section of the exhibition, which will feature a rotating selection of original works, created by and for our diverse audiences. 
Featured in the Museum’s Community and Partnership Gallery, Hip Hop Heroes is guided by the space’s mission to provide an inviting and experimental place to feature local, regional, and emerging artists as well as artists-in-residence and community-based collaborations. 
Featured Artists: Tommy The Animator • Robin Alcantara • Marco Barrios • Shanequa Benitez • Michael Cuomo • Antoinette Legnini • Nancy Mendez • NIC 707 • Pose2/MaxxMoses • Lady Slim • Andre Trenier • Denise Trotman • Katori Walker • Denzel Walters.
Memorabilia Contributors: The Benitez Family • Buddy YoMA • Joe Genovese • Tom Ray • Raymond Vasquez. With special thanks to Ken Davis and Dennis Fields.

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