Five Famous Casinos That Are Works of Art

When it comes to building design, many structures have surpassed their function in terms of beauty and style and become regarded as masterpieces. From museums and houses to bus stops and even casinos, some have set themselves apart from the rest of the built world as works of art.

When it comes to casinos, art and design tend to be hugely influential factors in creating a dream experience for guests and players. Because of this, quite a few casinos with lavish designs have become highly regarded in the art and design world for their beauty. This article will explore five of these casinos to see what sets them apart and makes them art-worthy masterpieces.

1. Casino de Monte Carlo (Monte-Carlo, Monaco)

Monte Carlo, Monaco, Grand Prix
The Monte Carlo Casino reflected in a mirror set up for the Monaco Grand Prix, which passes right in front of the casino

The Casino de Monte Carlo was commissioned by Charles III of Monaco and is certainly regal in its design. It’s a sophisticated and beautiful building completed in the Belle Époque architectural style, which is known for being highly ornate, intricate, and elegant. 

Inside, the building oozes extravagance. The main rooms have countless crystal chandeliers hanging from domed, ornately carved ceilings supported by marble columns. The details don’t stop on the ceiling; the walls are filled with decorative details, and even the tile on the floor is ornate and eye-catching. 

The exterior is striking with its light stone color, grandiose windows, and endless sculptural details to take in. No matter where you look, the building has enough to capture and hold the attention of art history fans. Even if you’re not an art enthusiast or casino connoisseur, you might recognize this casino since it served as the filming location for two James Bond movies, Never Say Never Again and GoldenEye.

2. The Cosmopolitan (Las Vegas, United States)

Where the Casino de Monte Carlo is ornate, The Cosmopolitan is lavish, luxurious, and over the top. The hotel and casino resort can be found right on the Vegas Strip. Before even stepping through its doors, you get a taste of The Cosmopolitan’s personality thanks to its eye-catching, lit-up facade and bright, impossible-to-miss sign at the top of the Strip’s skyline.

The inside continues this modern, urban vibe with columns adorned floor-to-ceiling in LCD screens, reflective finishes, seemingly endless curtains of crystal, and unique ceiling fixtures that pull your eye upwards. The architecture and design team aimed to create a fully encompassing Las Vegas experience for their guests no matter where in the building they find themselves. This not only meant unique, standout restaurants and bars but also that the suites had to be just as lavish and luxurious as the rest of the building and the Strip.

3. Marina Bay Sands (Marina Bay, Singapore)

Marina Bay Sands stands out from the area’s stunning skyline with its unique design of three buildings connected by the SkyPark, a boat-like construction that sits atop the three towers. The famous architect Moshe Safdie (the person behind Montreal, Canada’s famed Habitat 67) developed the design. 

Safdie felt strongly that his design shouldn’t disrupt the flow of the Marina Bay area and that, if anything, it should add to it. Rather than creating a massive building that would eat up the skyline and views of the water, his solution was three dramatic, curved buildings, which, he says, “created two big windows to the sea.”

Safdie’s work often brings art to the forefront of the experience. While the exterior of the building is sculptural in nature, the connection to art is more pronounced because the architect commissioned artwork and sculptures to be incorporated throughout the interior.

4. The Venetian Macao (Macau, China)

The Venetian Macao is a recreation of its sister casino resort in Las Vegas but is much grander in scale. Much like the one in Vegas, the exterior of the casino resort is large and imposing and only hints at what guests will see once they walk through the doors.

Upon entering the building, you discover an exciting world: a taste of Venice. The interior style pulls from the Venetian Gothic architectural style and recreates popular Venice attractions, including interior canals where you can take a gondola ride through a replica of Venetian streets. 

The suites at The Venetian Macao are elegant, with beautiful marble tiling and warm color tones that create a relaxing space compared to the rest of the building.

5.  Casino Baden-Baden (Baden-Baden, Germany)

Casino Baden-Baden is considered one of the most beautiful casinos in Europe. The area is known for its spas, with their history going back centuries, and its most famous and popular one is the Friedrichsbad. The region has always had an air of luxury and has drawn many wealthy people looking to experience it. 

In response to this wealth, Casino Baden-Baden was created to add to the sense of luxury by being a sophisticated and regal gaming space and hotel. It was built over two centuries ago, and its spaces were inspired by French palaces. The rooms, whether casino gaming spaces or a private hotel suite, are all elegant and sophisticated. They contain rich, royal colors like deep reds, blues, and purples, as well as crystal chandeliers and fine, ornate details.

The casino site leans into the area’s strong connections to natural spas and thermal pools, with many amenities and services like pools, massages, and beauty treatments available. While it’s a casino that offers fun and excitement, the Casino Baden-Baden seems just as skilled at delivering rest and relaxation to its guests.

Casinos & Art Collide Flawlessly

When it comes to casinos and art, the two perfectly collide to create unique, glamorous experiences that have casino-goers dying to return. And it’s not just the physical buildings that see these two come together. Even online casinos and games, like those found on, draw inspiration from art and some of the land casinos discussed above. Like many things in life, it’s impossible to separate art from the world of gaming and casinos.

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