Endangered Birds, Bats, Butterflies, and Bees on Catalina Island

Catalina Museum for Art & History presents an upcoming exhibition, Sarah Kaizar: RARE AIR, on view June 8 through September 8, 2024. Philadelphia-based illustrator and designer Sarah Kaizar takes center stage as the museum presents a collection of her original gouache and ink artwork from her second book, “RARE AIR: Endangered Birds, Bats, Butterflies and Bees.”

Co-authored by Kaizar and A. Scott Meiser, the book explores the plight of diminishing flighted species and the vital role of citizen science in their preservation. 

“This exhibition invites visitors to recognize and appreciate the winged wonders that coexist in our world while presenting strategies, both big and small, to address and combat the threats facing them,” Kaizar said.

RARE AIR goes beyond the pages of the book, offering an immersive experience with playful interactive installations that expand on the stories and research. This exhibition serves as a bridge connecting audiences of all ages to the diversity of ecosystems and the extraordinary creatures that inhabit them. 

“As caretakers of cultural heritage and champions of artistic expression, we proudly introduce Sarah Kaizar’s artwork that honors endangered species and advocates for their conservation,” Sheila Bergman, Executive Director of the Catalina Museum for Art & History, said. “Through Kaizar’s masterful illustrations, we invite our community to join us in exploring, understanding, and supporting this important cause.”

Having showcased her work in various galleries and museums such as the Woodmere Art Museum, Delaware Contemporary and the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education, Kaizar brings a wealth of experience to Catalina Island. Notably, she was honored with the 2021 Wind Fellowship by InLiquid and the Dina Wind Foundation. Kaizar also completed a residency at the Cedar Point Biological Station at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the summer of 2021. 

In addition to her latest venture, “RARE AIR,” Kaizar is also recognized for her authorship of “HIKER TRASH: Notes, Sketches + Other Detritus on the Appalachian Trail,” a captivating illustrated work based on her personal odyssey of hiking 2,200 miles from Georgia to Maine. Published by Mountaineers Books in 2019, the book reflects Kaizar’s unique perspective on the world and her dedication to artistic storytelling. 

Visitors to the Catalina Museum for Art & History can anticipate an enriching experience as they discover, explore, play, and create while gaining insights into urgent issues in wildlife conservation. Sarah Kaizar: RARE AIR promises to be a visually stunning and intellectually stimulating exhibition that resonates with the museum’s commitment to fostering awareness and appreciation for art and history. 

Visiting Catalina Museum For Art & History

The museum is currently open Tuesday through Sunday and closed on Mondays. June 1, 2024 through Labor Day (September 2, 2024), the museum will be open 7 days a week. The museum is located in the heart of Avalon at 217 Metropole Avenue.

For more information about the Catalina Museum for Art & History, visit CatalinaMuseum.org. To stay connected, follow the museum’s social media platforms @CatalinaMuseum on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

For more information, the museum may be reached by phone at 310-510-2414 or at its website: CatalinaMuseum.org.

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