Dusti Bongé magic marker paintings

I’ll be sad to see these Dusti Bongé magic marker “paintings” go away, but am overjoyed how they came into my life through See Great Art’s partnership with the Dusti Bongé Art Foundation. These are the sort of pieces you’d never find in a museum and yet they bring so much depth and detail into perspective about an artist’s output.

Read on for more commentary by Dusti Bongé Art Foundation Executive Director Ligia M. Römer.

Dusti Bongé, Untitled (Red Rectangles with Green, Purple and Blue)​, 1983, felt tip pen on paper, 5” x 8”

One more “magic” marker work. As I mentioned before, this series of small felt tip pen drawings was created at the time when Dusti had started moving away from her broad, gestural, abstract expressionist mark making toward a kind of abstraction with more balanced, harmonious, defined forms and colors.

This piece is another great example of such work. It also heralds her final large masterpieces like Big Red.

The hallmark of all of these works is their formal composure, with clearly delineated geometric elements, while still bursting with energy.

In this piece, there are several trapezoidal shapes that come together in ways that set up a playful tension, with them overlapping and intersecting. Her choice of colors here adds to that tension and starts to give scale to the different trapezoids.

Dusti places the cluster of geometric shapes off center, toward the top right and against a mostly blue background. To the lower left the background color shifts from blue to green. The trapezoidal shapes themselves are rendered in various shades of bright to dark red (almost maroon).

But then, Dusti pulls the green to the foreground in one of those shapes. This green trapeze form, flanked by red and maroon, is itself interrupted by two of the smaller bright red trapezoids, one vertical and one horizontal. These two in turn intersect and where they do there is a burst of deep purple.

Thus, by using limited palette of mostly red, blue and green, and a few simple shapes, Dusti nonetheless creates a rich visual movement through the whole composition.

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