DREAMERS bringing coordinated video project to NYC and YOU can help

While thousands of people around the U.S. still wait for Congress to pass the American Dream and Promise Act, this September, a group of artists will send a message of love and support to the country’s diverse population of dreamers. On the night of September 10th, DREAMERS, a video installation with works by over 40 international artists will light up the city of New York. At 9PM, the show will be simultaneously screened on dozens of buildings and outdoor spaces around the city, creating a moment of sharing for the community.

Despite challenging times, New York is well alive and remains a center of cultural diversity and creativity. DREAMERS calls artists and all New Yorkers to show their sense of community and to celebrate diversity, paying tribute to the richness of the city’s melting pot. By bringing art outside of galleries and into the city, the show will be a shared experience of openness and possibilities.

DREAMERS was conceived during the pandemic as a way to honor and celebrate the communities of immigrants that the recent health crisis has disproportionately impacted. Borrowing its name from the undocumented youth that has been fighting for a path to citizenship, the project wants to honor the dreams of all the people that left their homeland in pursuit of hope and new possibilities of life elsewhere.

The show was created and curated by visual artist Laura Mega, co-founder of the international art project LAZZARO_art doesn’t sleep (@lazzaro_artdoesntsleep), in collaboration with New York-based art writer and cultural producer Maurita Cardone.

Projection - Stikki & Stella Peaches - Viva la Frida - Photo by Chris Klapper
Projection – Stikki & Stella Peaches – Viva la Frida – Photo by Chris Klapper


If you have a video projector, DREAMERS organizers will send the video file to anyone who wants to project the exhibition. This goes for individuals, non-profits, public or private institutions. Everyone is invited to screen this art exhibition onto buildings, courtyards, walls or any public space, as long as it allows other people to enjoy the exhibition without disrupting everyday activities.

All projections will happen in New York City on the same date and time.

Contact: plus1dreamers@gmail.com

Current participating locations include

Clio Art Fair, Manhattan

NOoSPHERE Arts, Greenpoint

The Blue Bus Project (TBBP)

The Locker Room, Williamsburg

The Red Shed, East Williamsburg

Wavelength art, NJ

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