Casino Museums in the World Worth Visiting

When all possible casino games are available online, people visit land-based gambling halls for reasons not always directly connected with real money play. Many casinos also offer luxury resort complexes where you can have a wonderful weekend and see local attractions. The guide below will tell you about brick-and-mortar gambling venues, which became sightseeing themselves. These casino buildings are like museums where you can enjoy impressive architecture, exquisite interior designs, and even art exhibitions.

1. Marina Bay Sands

Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands casino is a marvel of modern architecture. The building is composed of three skyscrapers united by one rooftop platform designed like a ship. The project’s budget was $5.7B making it the second most expensive gambling house in the world.

Stunning modern architecture isn’t the only thing you’ll find in Marina Bay Sands. The complex provides space for many science and art exhibitions. The casino also features a unique rooftop pool, which is a work of art itself.

The gambling facility at Marina Bay Sands occupies 160 000 sq ft. It offers players more than 500 gaming tables and over 2 500 slot machines.

2. Casino de Monet Carlo

There are places a true gambler has to visit, and Casino de Monte-Carlo is one of them. This Monaco gambling house has a history of more than 150 years. The structure was designed by the top French architects of the XIX century and represented the best features of the European architectural style.

Casino de Monte-Carlo lies on the shores of the Mediterranean sea half-encircled by mountains. The list of the local sightseeing, besides the gambling house itself, includes Casino square, Monaco Harbor, and Monte-Carlo beach.

This casino offers players around six hundred slot machines and numerous gaming tables. This is way fewer than you’ll find on gambling sites listed at BestCasinoPlay, but the choice is still good for a land-based venue. Besides, it’s more about the atmosphere and the quality of play at Casino de Monte-Carlo than about sheer numbers. This gambling hall was initially designed for royals, dukes, and nobles. It retains its VIP status in the present day.

3. The Venetian Macao

The whole casino complex of The Venetian Macao is one big museum. Its architecture was inspired by the famous Italian city. There are even channels with gondolas here – a distinctive feature of Venice.

The interior of the gambling house is decorated in the spirit of the Italian Renaissance. It features gold-covered pillars and arches, ceilings painted with pictures of Biblical scenes, and exquisite sculptures.

The Venetian Macao offers players:

  • around 800 table games;
  • thousands of slot machines;
  • numerous shopping malls;
  • luxury accommodations;
  • restaurants and cafes.

4. Wynn Las Vegas

The Las Vegas-based Wynn Casino is a true museum of gambling. It’s one of the most famous casinos in the city, which is renowned for attracting lots of high rollers. The gambling house looks exactly like you’ll see a luxurious casino in a James Bond movie. It’s a massive building with high ceilings, pompous interior decorations, big spaces, and an atmosphere of wealth floating in the air.

Wynn Las Vegas has 1 800+ slot machines, a dedicated poker room, dozens of gaming tables, and a horse & racebook space. The amenities in the casino complex include luxury hotel suits, numerous dining facilities, ballroom halls, the Awakening theater, and a golf club.

Las Vegas is a world-renowned capital of gambling, but we also recommend you visit some New York casinos if you happen to be in the US. They have a unique atmosphere reflecting the spirit of this amazing city.

Casino Baden

The oldest Austrian gambling facility, Casino Baden, is a place where even the walls are soaked with history. The building that houses the gambling hall was constructed over 250 years ago. At the end of the XIX century, it was rebuilt to be a summer resort for the Austrian emperor Franz Joseph I. The project was handled by architects Eugene Fassbender and Maximilian Katscher. The jewel of the whole structure became a ceiling painting, “Igea” by Hanz Zatzka.

Casino Baden has been welcoming players since 1934. It’s one of the best casino museums to visit in Europe. The gambling house offers players hundreds of slots, popular table games, and the best dining facilities. The complex also includes a health park.


Visiting a land-based casino is more than just playing real money games. You can explore new places that have a unique history, beautiful architecture, mysteries that go back centuries in the past, and the best recreation facilities.

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