Can Casino Interior Be Considered an Art?

Land-based casinos have always been known as the most luxurious destinations. Those bright lights, the incredible wall design, the sparkling floors – it is its own kind of magic. Online casinos have jumped in on the trend, too. Many showcase digital art, modern decorations, not to mention features that make the user experience that much more pleasurable. 

Today, many players choose the sites they’ll gamble at based on casino features and design. A website that is aesthetically professional and pleasant is more likely to be picked by a player. Of course, the design should not be the only thing you should be looking at when you’re considering a casino to play at. 

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If you are a gamer who prefers land-based casinos, this is an experience by itself. It’s why online gamblers like live dealer games – it allows them to immerse themselves in the well-known casino atmosphere. When you’re playing casino games at brick-and-mortar casinos, the glittering lights are all around you. 

But, when you visited a casino, whether online or offline, have you stopped to really look at the details? Yes, casinos have a similar setup thanks to those dazzling lights and amazing music. But, most of them differ a lot in terms of interior, which is what opens the question: is this an art?

Why Casino Interiors are Art

Bellagio VIP Lounge, Anastesia, Tomas Esson
Bellagio VIP Lounge, Anastesia, Tomas Esson

The basics in casino interiors are there wherever you go. There are the colorful games, the similar sounds, and the very well-lit floor. But, let us tell you one of the best casino life hacks – look around. Right when you walk inside a casino, you can see how popular and successful it is. How? You can do this by looking at their art

Casinos design their establishments with utmost care. They do this to trick the players to go in, place their bet, and keep gambling. But, it’s not just about that. Today, casinos use art to attract people who are interested in, reeling visitors for the unique, quality design in addition to the gambling experience.

The Casino Psychology behind the Designs

Did you know that casinos use design to trick players to stay in their establishment longer? There are very few casinos that have windows, and possibly none has a clock. When a player enters the casino to gamble, they’ll swiftly lose track of time. There are no windows, so when they are engaged in the games, it can be hard to determine if it’s still day or still night. 

That is not the only way casinos use psychology to keep you to play.

The glittering lights, the colorful carpets, the sounds – everything is there for a reason. The reason is to keep the player energized, alert, and excited about betting.

Even the placement of facilities within a casino establishment is led by psychology. In some casinos, you’ll find that the toilet is as far from the exit as possible. If you plan to leave the casino after you visit the loo, you’ll walk over the tables and possibly stay a bit longer to try a game you haven’t tried before. 

Casinos are elegant, expensive, and comfy. This is all done to keep players happy and give them the sensation of being in an exclusive place.

It is precisely for this reason that a well-designed casino can easily pass as an art gallery.

Casino Furniture and Maintenance

Smaller casino might not have a lot of furniture, but those exclusive establishments have the very best. There’s fine furniture all around, showing elegance and riches to the visitors. You’ll see top-quality, spotless loungers and sofas that sink you in when you sit down. 

Those large casinos will also have accommodation for you, allowing you to rest without ever leaving the premises, and get back on the roulette table when you wake up. 

Everything in a casino is delicately maintained. Casinos work hard to balance the environment, preserve everything inside it, and replace anything that looks less than perfect. 

Not even art galleries focus this much on every little detail in their interior! Maintaining a casino is a work of art, not to mention designing it for the comfort of the players. 

The Art in Extravagant, Luxury Casinos

Aria Promenade Level, ‘Cosmic Slop, Stick And Move,’ Rashid Johnson.

Not only can casinos be considered art, but some are actually advertised as it! Take, for instance, the Hard Rock casino in Atlantic City. If you go to the second level above the table games and slots, you’ll find 30,000 sq. feet of colors projected onto the floors and walls of an extravagant ballroom. This is an art gallery representing the ‘immersive experience beyond van Gogh. You’ll see vases of flowers that flow into other vases, stars flickering, and other elements from van Gogh’s paintings. This is no longer just a casino, but an actual travelling exhibition that draws more than 100,000 visitors to the casino. 

And it is not just this casino, too. In London, the casino Hippodrome hosts an art competition, allowing artists to display their work in a perfectly designed establishment. Palms, a Las Vegas resort and casino has a collection of street and contemporary art. They feature over 100 works from artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat and Warhol. 

It seems like casinos are finally cashing in on their excellent design. Many are no longer just a destination for gaming. No wonder – renovating and designing these establishments costs a fortune and should definitely be considered art.

Casinos are Definitely Pieces of Art, Especially Today

The new and refurbished casino art galleries finally align with the trends in the gambling design industry. Until a few years back, casinos were considered the most luxurious places to visit. Today, they are finally getting their praise as pieces of art, and not just because of the big investments made to reel players in.

These days, casinos are no longer as similar to others as they used to. They use the same psychology, but compete in design, furnishing, and maintenance. If this is not art, then what is?

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