Arts-Based Learning: Using the Arts in Nursing Education

Nurses are an important part of the healthcare system. Getting an education in college to become a nurse means you have to study a lot, but also learn all the mysteries of the human body and patient care. You may read a lot of books that help you expand your knowledge and hone your skills, but this does not mean that you will be ready to handle all the challenging moments in your practice. 

An excellent nurse is empathic, knows how to communicate with patients and their families, and knows how to think critically. Art-based learning is a hot topic nowadays, especially as there are many studies that try to investigate its impact on nursing education. Many might not see the connection between these two, as arts as humanitarian subjects and nursing is scientific. But using the arts in nursing education might actually be a great idea. 

Relaxing After Work 

One of the most essential parts of the nursing job is that you need to take care of the patients in the best way. Sometimes, this can turn out to be pretty overwhelming, especially when there are too many patients you need to monitor. This has been observed especially during the pandemic when the hospitals were full of people and there were not enough healthcare workers to cope with this challenge. The great majority of doctors and nurses have started feeling overwhelmed and stressed, things that put a toll on their mental health. And this seriously affects the quality of life and well-being, as depression and anxiety were already on the rise. 

But not only nurses who are already working in hospitals experience these feelings, but students too. They might feel stressed and overwhelmed by all the nursing papers they need to write during college, many of which are on the topic of biology. At Edu Birdie, they will find a large team of professional writers who are writing for nurses. Getting their help fuels you with inspiration and motivation, even in your lowest times. They explore the idea of engaging both students in nursing schools and nurses that are already active in the field in art activities. Painting, singing, or dancing are just some of the activities that can be integrated with learning. They are activities that help people relax, especially during tough and challenging moments. They help nurses relax and unwind after hard working days and nursing students unwind after exams. 

Increasing Productivity 

In many moments, when you are so caught up in the challenges you need to face in college and at your job, you might forget about yourself. As a student, when you have so many tasks to complete and so little time left, you might think that taking breaks and relaxing will not do any good but delay you. Well, even though this feeling might be intense, you should know that breaks are really helpful. Introducing art activities in nursing education has proved to be a great choice. 

The participants in many studies have reported increased productivity, as art activities helped them unwind and take the break they needed. Many students are taking breaks from writing nursing essays or studying for exams to work on other college-related projects. But this type of break will not help you focus better and be more productive. You need a type of break that helps you disconnect from your tasks and art-based activities are such a great choice for this. 

More Positive Emotions 

Another positive benefit of using the arts in nursing education is a boost of positive emotions. In the majority of studies that have been made, after taking part in a painting session, participants have reported feeling happier and more cheerful. They said that they are more interested in new things, are more open to communication, and are more confident too. These are some positive emotions and feelings both nursing students and nurses should experience, as the field they work in is described by negative emotions. 

Final Thoughts 

Even though it may seem that arts and nursing might not have any connection as they are from totally distinct fields, they can intertwine so beautifully. Using arts in nursing education could be a really nice idea, as they boost positive emotions and well-being, help people relax and unwind, and increase productivity. When you work in a field that is so stressful, overwhelming, and full of negative emotions, you need an activity that helps you calm down, look inward, and take a break. 

Special to SeeGreatArt from Karl Bowman, a content writer and blogger. Bowman is interested in the healthcare domain and he always keeps himself updated with the latest news. He is passionate about reading, dancing, and painting. 

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