Art Tourism in Stockholm – What You Need To See

There are many ways to explore a new country. Some people look for wildlife and natural landscapes, others look for food and drinks. There are also those who follow their favorite sports team anywhere, seeing new places along the way. However, those who love art like exploring a new place via museums, exhibitions, and festivals. If that’s your case, Sweden is your place. 

The Swedish people are known for being polite and friendly, even if not in a very talkative way. The Swedish weather can be much less friendly, though. In this case, why not pick one of the best gambling sites at Spelpressen? It rains there nearly half the year, and thermometers can go lower than -40ºC during the winter. 

Indeed, you’d be excused to stay at your hotel enjoying online casino games under blankets. However, don’t forget to visit the following attractions as soon as the weather improves.

Cosmopol Casino

The Cosmopol Casino in Stockholm is one of the last land-based casinos in Sweden. In the late 90s, the Swedish Games (Svenska Spel) opened Cosmopol Casinos around the country: Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Mälmo. If you love architecture, you’ll surely enjoy its astonishing venue, which also offers top-notch restaurants and pubs.

Moderna Museet

The Museum of Modern Art is located at the heart of Stockholm, on the central island of Skeppsholmen. Since 1958, this museum has had works by artists like Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Louise Bourgeois, Marcel Duchamp, and Robert Rauschenberg, as well as plenty of Swedish artists. The Moderna Museet also has a sculpture park and commonly hosts art exhibitions and art-related events. While you explore, consider seeking prominent female artists’ work as well. 

Wanås Konst Skulpturpark

Speaking of sculpture parks, Wanås Konst has one with 70 sculptures permanently on exhibition. Indeed, it’s a huge 40-acre park to be explored by walking on a tour that takes up to four hours. Over 80,000 tourists visit Wanås Konst yearly, and the museum also provides educational activities for 10,000 children. 


The Fotografiska is one of the largest photography museums worldwide, hosting over 20 exhibitions yearly. The calendar includes 20 small exhibitions and four large and unique events. This museum also houses one of the best restaurants in Sweden, according to the Eat Guides 360º Action 2019. Fotografiska’s restaurant earned fame for its vegetarian and organic menus.   


There are over 30,000 islands in Stockholm, and one of its archipelagos became a unique museum: the Artipelag. The Artipelag is housed by a building signed by the famous architect Johan Nyrén, which beautifully integrates with its surroundings. The art galleries span over 3,000 square meters of land in a 10,000 square meters area. Under Bo Nilsson’s direction, Artipelag hosted important exhibitions in the past by artists like Candida Höfer and William Wegman.  

Bonniers Konsthall

The Bonnier’s Art Gallery was established in 2006 and has been dedicated to contemporary art since. Indeed, it claims to give space to contemporary artists “impartially,” which means it hosts unknown and celebrated names. The institution promotes exhibitions, publications, exchanges, and talks. The Bonnier Art Gallery was built by Jeanette Bonnier in memory of her daughter, Maria Bonnier. The Maria Bonnier Dahlin Foundation annually supports young Swedish artists with grants. 

Magasin III Museum & Foundation For Contemporary Art

The Magasin III Museum plays a vital role in the contemporary art scene in the country and abroad. The museum was created in the late 80s by Robert Weil and David Neuman. Nowadays, it’s an independent cultural institution owned by the Robert Weil Family Foundation and Proventus AB. Apart from cultural exhibitions, the institution also promotes collection acquisitions, performative disciplines, education, and film exhibitions.

Carl Eldhs Ateljémuseum

Carl Eldh (1873-1954) is one of the most important Swedish sculptors of the 20th century. Eldhs’ former studio was turned into a museum in 1963, permanently exhibiting over 500 works of the artist. The place also promotes new exhibitions, independent programs, and guided walks. Eldhs’ collection includes a wide array of pieces, from sketches to sculptures and original models of monuments signed by the artist, along with his private art collection, furniture, and memorabilia. 


The Filmhuset has the country’s largest library of film magazines and books. Located in a brutalist building from the 60s, its windows were designed to resemble film perforations. At the same time, elevators were inspired by old-fashioned makeup mirrors, all of which are encapsulated into a camera-shaped structure. The place is also home to the Swedish Film Institute. 

See You In Stockholm!

Undoubtedly, Stockholm is a feast for art lovers, with unique museums, attractions, and events throughout the year. Key annual events include the Stockholm Design Week (in February), National Day (in June), and the Stockholm International Film Festival (in November). During the summer, the Park Theatre promotes musical events and theater and dance performances across the city.  

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