Amani Lewis teams up with LiveArt for combo NFT/exhibition event

LiveArt, a digital peer-to-peer marketplace, presents When Two or More are Gathered, an exhibition of 13 contemporary artists curated by Amani Lewis. Drawn from and in support of Lewis’ own relationships in the artistic community, the show will feature physical works alongside related NFTs that have been minted on the LiveArt platform. This marriage of the traditional and emerging digital art worlds opened on June 29th online at LiveArt Market, where the works will be available for purchase, and with a live exhibition at Sperone Westwater in New York.

LiveArt’s unique platform allows artists to engage directly with a qualified pool of collectors without relying on traditional intermediaries. They are able to take advantage of the diligence undertaken by the LiveArt team, influence the ultimate destination of their work, and retain a significant portion of each sale.

“Exposure and relationship-building is critical for artists at all levels and LiveArt empowers artists to reach new audiences while retaining their agency throughout the process,” Amani Lewis said. “The platform has given us the opportunity to present the work of an exciting group of artists in a new and innovative way that embraces both physical and digital representations of our work.”  

The exhibition, When Two or more are Gathered… (Matthews 18:20) focuses on the relationship the artists share in their creative community and with the world.

“Some of us are partners in life and love, some of us are close or best friends, and some of us may know a few or everyone in this exhibition, but we all have a profound respect and love for each other’s work,” Lewis said. “I have no doubt that our show will be unique because we’re expressing our innermost thoughts, and values, and hopes about our relationships to ourselves, the world, and in this context, each other.”

LiveArt caters to the needs of both the traditional primary and secondary art market as well as the burgeoning digital art market. New technologies have been developed to allow for the creation, presentation and sale of NFTs alongside traditional, physical artworks. 

Beginning June 29th, collectors had the opportunity to purchase the physical works in the show, which have been consigned directly by the artists, on LiveArt Market. Prices have been set by the artists, who will also will have input into the final sale. 

The related NFTs that have been minted for the show on LiveArt’s platform will be offered over a several week period also beginning on June 29th. They will be available at a specified price or through online auction.

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