Add style and functionality to your home with Studio Seitz furniture

Since leaving my 9-to-5 job early in 2021 to focus on my writing, my home is no longer just my sanctuary, it is also my office. Both my refuge and my need for refuge. As much as “work from home” has become the Covid times lifestyle, that condition is more aptly stated as “live at work.”

Working from home the past year has made me realize no investment I can make is more routinely returned to me than investments in my house – that includes its furnishings. While I’m a few years into building my personal art collection, what I need now are furniture and home accessories to compliment the artwork.

I’ve been impressed by the modern heirloom furniture from New York-based designer Studio Seitz. Founded in 2018, Studio Seitz pieces are “driven by the past and refined for today,” built upon fading traditions through a timeless, yet distinctly modern furniture and home collection.

With family craftsmanship dating back to 1795, co-founders Kevin Seitz and Rob van Wyen combine the best of Swiss precision, traditional craftsmanship and quality sustainable materials with a modern and tactile simplicity.

I’m particularly taken by the Stabellenbank. This archetypal alpine bench is simple, classic and functional. In my home’s entryways and bedrooms, I’m always looking for a better place to sit and put stuff when my hands are full. I’ve been looking for something I can move around easily, something fashionable. The Stabellenback bench is the perfect solution.

Studio Seitz bedside table.
Studio Seitz bedside table. Photo by Stephen Kent Johnson.

As is Studio Seitz’ bedside table which solves my wife’s problem of an overcrowded nightstand. Between her beauty products, water bottles, clothes, tissue boxes, etc., etc., her nightstand is a cluttered mess which spills over into the rest of the bedroom. Not the vibe we’re looking for first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Every Studio Seitz heirloom is handmade-to-order and, therefore, one-of-a-kind. Beautiful pieces melding past and present to make the future perfect.

I spend more time in my home than anywhere else. Now more than ever. Investing in furnishings from Stuido Seitz makes that time and my surroundings as pleasurable and productive as possible.

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