Aṣẹ: Afro Frequencies at ARTECHOUSE Miami

ARTECHOUSE, the first independent, innovative art organization dedicated to the intersection of art, science, and technology, with locations in Washington, DC, New York City, and Miami, continues its 2021 exhibition programming with Aṣẹ:Afro Frequencies, a new immersive and interactive digital art exhibit created by ARTECHOUSE in collaboration with Vince Fraser, a London-based Afro-surrealist visual artist, and illustrator. Inspired by the idea of aṣẹ, the West African concept relating to our power to make things happen and produce change, Fraser celebrates the historical, social, and cultural aspects of his identity through this work.

The exhibit further references the idea that every concept, including aṣẹ and Afrocentricity, has its own frequencies, metaphorical wavelengths that people can tune into. Welcoming visitors of all ages, this technology-driven digital art exhibition is on view through November 7, 2021, at ARTECHOUSE Miami (736 Collins Avenue).

The immersive multisensory exhibit is the latest in the ARTECHOUSE series of collaborations with some of the leading digital artists. With Aṣẹ: Afro Frequencies, ARTECHOUSE employs unique applications of audiovisual and interactive technologies and boundary-pushing techniques to broadcast the frequencies of Fraser’s core concepts out into the world, considering a historical framework but reimagining them in a new digital context. 

Aṣẹ: Afro Frequencies examines the Black experience through the artist’s own distinct lens, telling the story from Fraser’s perspective as a Black creative opening doorway into concepts beyond the realm of the everyday. Fraser’s Afrocentric-infused aesthetic bridges various artistic influences, delivering something refreshing, revolutionary, and current, where the alienated becomes extraterrestrial, and where the mystical coexist with the mundane.

“The Black experience is often examined through a non-Black lens. I feel it’s important to tell the story from my perspective as a Black creative producing doorways into concepts beyond the realm of the everyday,” Fraser said. “I hope my work will inspire and empower a whole generation of artists to express themselves through their own unique art form.”

Combining ancient heritage with modern sensibilities, the exhibit features numerous designs inspired by African masks from diverse regions as symbols of Black culture and reimagines them as a symbol of hope. Each piece invites visitors to discover the depths of Afro-surrealism, and of the history in Fraser’s designs and their relevance today. ARTECHOUSE’s creative team has brought Fraser’s universe to life by creating interactive experiences that allow visitors to wear digital masks, move with his complex designs, immerse into his rich environments and more.  

This exhibition is a continuation of ARTECHOUSE’s collaboration with Fraser following the extended reality app experience We Rise Above launched in August of 2020 and currently available on ARTECHOUSE mobile app. In solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and the anniversary of the March on Washington, ARTECHOUSE brought Fraser’s Afro-surrealist art to life in extended reality (XR) so that anyone, anywhere can activate and engage with his art, and the important messages behind it.



Daily General Admissions:

Monday – Thursday, 2pm-9pm, Friday, 2pm-10pm, Saturday – Sunday, 12pm-10pm


Adults: $24

Youth (Ages 4-15): $17 

FREE for children under the age of 4

Students, Seniors, Military & First Responders: $20 

Weekday Family Pack (2 adults, 2 children): $68

Single and group tickets can be reserved in advance at artechouse.com/program/ase-afro-frequencies

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