7 Worst Gifts for Art College Students

Giving gifts is more satisfying than receiving them, but seeing the recipient act feignedly pleased by a gift you gave them is the worst.

For most people, the enthusiasm for gifting can be severely dampened by the stress of gift-buying. There is a lot of pressure to find the ideal present for college students who value their free time and use academic paper writing services online to write my essay online for best price or complete other assignments so they can spend their free time on meaningful hobbies. After all, a mistake could cause embarrassment or hurt feelings. Don’t be the person who ruins the excitement by giving these seven things as presents.

7 Presents You Should Never Give

Even if you’re gifting something “just because,” always consider how the recipient interprets your gift unless you and the recipient have agreed to trade gag presents.

Buying a present for someone might be difficult, especially if you’ve known them for a long time. If you’re stuck for ideas, here are seven presents you should never give.

1.   Put-down gifts

Avoid giving presents that are meant to belittle or disrespect the recipient. For instance, you wouldn’t want to give a friend or classmate who struggles with weight a scale or a diet book. Find an alternative way to show gratitude by giving a thoughtful present. Instead of buying something that draws attention to their weight, your overweight friend would prefer a stunning piece of jewelry that highlights their beautiful face.

2.   Statement mugs

What a novel idea! Another mug! This one is so motivational that it even has a quote: “Do all things with love.” It will look great stacked with the other 20 mugs that say things like “It’s actually wine in here” and “Don’t talk to me before I finish my coffee” in the back of the cupboard. The world doesn’t need any more coffee mugs, least of all cool college kids.

3.   Second-hand gifts

Giving anything away just to get rid of it is a bad move, especially sensitive things like clothing. Don’t give anything you no longer wear, even if it is a one-of-a-kind designer item. Since trends usually come back, store them away for future use. Don’t use gifting your friend as an opportunity to discard clothes you no longer like or wear.

Keep in mind that this point is only referring to previously owned items. However, it’s perfectly acceptable to regift unopened things. The original giver of the gift should not be there, of course.

4.   Gift cards to places they never go

Few would say no to a gift card for iTunes or dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant. Sometimes, though, it’s easy to see that very little thought went into a gift. For instance, it might not be the best idea to give someone sensitive to pollen flower arrangement classes or a gift card to a bakery if they are on a strict diet.

5.   Pets

Adopting a pet is a personal choice that should be carefully considered. Even if some of your pals are thinking about it, that doesn’t imply they’re prepared to take on such a major commitment. Giving someone a pet as a present means they’ll have to take care of it for years, even if they change their mind.

However, if the recipient already has pets, it’s thoughtful to consider them, too. You can’t go wrong with a gift box of dog treats or a cat scratching post.

6.   Numerous pairs of socks

Everyone wears socks, and there’s good reason to believe everyone has plenty to go around. Socks are one of those things that, even if they don’t, you’re better off buying for yourself because you need to make sure you get the appropriate size, style, and color. If the pair you give as a gift is too small or has too much color, it will likely never be worn. Let’s not even get started on the holiday socks or socks with cartoons.

7.   Self-help books

One of the best ways to express affection for someone is to give them a book, especially if you know them well. A book is a present that keeps giving long after you’re gone. They also make wonderful gifts for kids. However, not every book makes an excellent present. Unless specifically requested, you should refrain from giving self-help books as presents.

This is not a helpful present, regardless of how much your friend may need emotional, physical, or psychological assistance. On the contrary, it could be offensive to them. Find other ways to show your support for the student instead, such as using the do my essay promo code to help them with their assignments if they are overwhelmed.

Final thoughts

These are seven gifts that you should never give anyone in college. Often, it is a good idea to ask the recipient what they might like. Or you could look into things that college students universally enjoy, such as a good pair of headphones.

Still, nothing on this list is worse than the “I am the gift” trope. People who flaunt the fact that they didn’t bother to acquire a gift are among the worst offenders. Instead, they strut in, full of themselves, and announce that they themselves are the gift. Er, no! Don’t even try!

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