3 Unmissable Public Art Installations Featuring Gemstones Around the World

The arts offer a creative outlet and an impressive medium to express thoughts and emotions; art installations are a fantastic way to share those ideas with a public audience. Nearly half of adults in the United States consider themselves artsy, with many enjoying several types of art.

Gemstone art provides a vivid and colorful way to create impressions and provoke thoughts in an audience. They’re a brilliant way to create modern art filled with colorful gemstones to bring out the best in each piece.

Finding the best art featuring gemstones is an exciting adventure, and you’re in the right spot to start your journey. Continue reading for a road map of the best art installations featuring gemstones today!

1. Guide Kaiarahi

Located in Auckland, New Zealand, Guide Kaiarahi is a large art installation featuring 595 iridescent crystals to create a 10-meter-high sculpture. The sculpture was built to welcome visitors to the Auckland Art Gallery after the end of the COVID-19 lockdown.

The crystals reflect light to create an image similar to what you’d expect when exploring the galaxy. The gemstone art comes from the Maori legend of a demon that appeared ten days before a volcanic eruption in the 1880s. It’s a must-see art installation if you’re visiting New Zealand.

2. Sacred Emerald Buddha

The Sacred Emerald Buddha is one of history’s most impressive gemstone art pieces. The statue was carved in 2006 in Thailand from a 3,600-carat emerald. It is housed at the Grand Palace in Bangkok and has become a highly revered icon for Buddhists worldwide.

The artist who carved the emerald opted for the Standing Buddha pose, which symbolizes a plea for individuals to quit quarreling. The brilliant emeralds add to the piece’s striking look.

Emeralds aren’t limited to types of art, and it’s possible to find pieces containing emeralds that stand out to you. Check out and choose from classic emerald ring styles to elevate your aesthetic with your favorite gemstones.

3. Ai Weiwei’s Crystal Chandelier

The Crystal Chandelier, designed and created by Chinese-born Ai Weiwei, is one of the most impressive gemstone art pieces. It combines 270,000 pieces of crystal to create a chandelier with a waterfall illusion.

The overall design has a boomerang shape, which fits given the piece’s location in Australia. It’s located at the Queensland Art Gallery Watermall.

When lit, you’ll experience a mesmerizing piece of modern art that uses the clearest crystals. It’s a must-visit piece of gemstone art if you’re in the land down under.

Explore the World’s Gemstone Art Today

Gemstone art blends beauty and creativity with natural stones that bring out color and help create moving designs. The Sacred Emerald Buddha is one of the most famous art pieces, containing gemstones carved from a 3,600-carat emerald.

Ai Weiwei’s Crystal Chandelier, which contains 270,000 crystals, is another impressive piece. The Guide Kaiarahi, in Auckland, New Zealand, is a stunning 10-meter statue made of crystals.

Art has a way of stirring the soul, and combining it with travel is the best way to get more from life. Check out our website for more art by location for your next trip today!

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