New York

Howardena Pindell recalls horrific childhood memory in new video “Rope/Fire/Water” showing now at The Shed

The powerful new video “Rope/Fire/Water” is a work that Howardena Pindell has wanted to create since the 1970s, inspired by a traumatic experience in her youth.

‘The Plastic Bag Store’ now open in Times Square

From the outside, The Plastic Bag Store will appear to be a typical New York City grocery store — but look closer and you will notice its colorful aisles are stocked with thousands of objects crafted from upcycled plastic bags.

Superstars of Contemporary Art Featured in New Museum’s “Grief and Grievance: Art and Mourning in America.”

On view from January 27 to June 13, 2021, “Grief and Grievance” brings together 37 artists who have addressed the concept of mourning, commemoration, and loss as a direct response to the national emergency of racist violence experienced by Black communities across America.