Indigenous Artists

Jeffrey Gibson, ‘Nothing is Eternal,’ American flag video wrapping up in New York, Bay Area and online

Conceived during this pandemic era, the immersive video work depicts the American flag in unsettling stillness, as a marker of territory, and projected onto bodies, while set to a heartrending soundtrack.

Learn Why San Antonio Museum of Art Renamed its Latin American Collection as ‘Popular Art’

On September 12, the San Antonio Museum of Art (SAMA) opened a freshly re-envisioned installation of works from its expansive, 8,000-work Latin American Popular Art collection.

Jay Laber’s ‘Reborn Rez Wrecks’ Turns Junk Cars Beautiful At Missoula Art Museum

In June of 1964, floods ravaged the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana killing 31 people. It has been called the state’s worst natural disaster. The flooding swept Jay Laber and his family all the way to New Hampshire where they relocated after losing everything to the water.